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1980, 2006, & 2011

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First time in history was this year-2011

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3 times

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Q: How many times has the previous year champion failed to make the tournament the next year in the NCAA men's basketball tournament?
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How many times has the reigning champion failed to make the NCAA Tournament?

4 times

How many times has a number 1 seed failed to advance to the championship of the NCAA men's basketball tournament?


What school has been to the NCAA basketball tournament most?

As of the 75th tournament (2013), for which Kentucky failed to receive a bid, Kentucky has appeared in 52 of the tournaments. This is eight more appearances than the school with the second-mostappearances: North Carolina, which made its 44th appearance in the 2013 tourney.

When was the last time NCAA men's basketball two final teams did not make following year's tournament?

In 2008, both of the 2007 finalists, Florida and Ohio State, didn't make the NCAA tournament. That has only happened one other time - in 1980 when the 1979 finalists, Michigan State and Indiana State also failed to make the tournament.

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Which NCAA division 1 basketball team has the most NCAA tournament appearances?

Kansas has the longest current streak dating from 1990. Kansas was on probation in 1989 and last missed the field that year.Some said that the Arizona Wildcats had the longest streak in Division I basketball with twenty-five, ignoring the fact that their 1999 appearance was vacated. Arizona failed to make the field in 2010.

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