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2 times

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Q: How many times has the defending champion been eliminated in the Group stage of the fifa World Cup?
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Who are the defending World Cup champions?

The Defending Champion of fifa world cup is Italy

At what stage did defending champion Italy bow out of the World Cup 2010?

The group stages, they finished bottom of group F on two points.

Who is the defending cricket world cup champion?

India is the defending world cup champion.India won the world cup in 2011.

Who is the defending champions of the cricket world cup 2011?

Australia is the defending champion of the cricket world cup 2011

Which country is the defending champion in FIFA World Cup?


Which team is the only defending champion in cricket world cup history?


Is Tiger Woods the reigning golf champion?

He is world number one, and will be the defending champion for a few events in 2010, but he is not the reigning champion of any major.

Who is world champion f1 driver?

The defending Formula One World Champion heading into the 2012 season is Sebastien Vettel of the Red Bull Racingchassis.

Did Lou PIniella manage a World Series champion?

Yes. He was the manager of the 1990 Cincinnati Reds team that swept the defending world champion Oakland A's in four games.

What team won the 1990 Baseball World Series?

The Cincinnati Reds swept the defending world champion Oakland A's in four games.

Who did Phillies lose to in 1993 World Series?

The 1993 world baseball series pitted the defending champion Toronto Blue Jays of the American League against the National League champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Who are the only host to be eliminated in the group stages of the World Cup?

south Africa

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