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Q: How many times has the University of Kentucky beaten Louisville in men's basketball twice in one year?
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Has the university of Memphis basketball team ever beaten UT?


Has University of Louisville ever won national championship in basketball?

Yes; in 1950, under Paul "Bear" Bryant, the Wildcats defeated Oklahoma for a national championship in the Sugar Bowl. Note that this was in the pre-BCS era, therefore winners of bowl games were dubbed "National Champions"

How many times has UK beaten Tennessee in Men's basketball?

Kentucky has defeated Tennessee 144 times out of 210 games played, including a 32-1 (won 20 in a row) record from 1945-1960 (February). In addition, Kentucky was the first program to win 1,000 games after a victory in Knoxville over the Vols on January 18, 1969. Kentucky is 144-66 against the Volunteers. Works Cited; see related link.

How many straight did Arizona beat ASU in basketball?

the Arizona wildcats have beaten asu 30 straght

Have the Kansas Jayhawks ever beaten the 1 ranked team in basketball?

If you count UNC and Memphis in the Final Four in 2008.

Anyone know if the Kentucky wildcats football team has ever beaten the Florida gators?

Through the 2008 season, Kentucky and Florida have met 59 times in football with Kentucky winning 17 times and Florida winning 42 times. The last time Kentucky beat Florida was November 15, 1986 in Lexington by the score of 10-3. Florida has won the last 22 meetings and 28 of the last 29.

Which ranked team was the West Virginia Mens Basketball team faced and beaten the most?

From the info I was able to gather, it looks like a tie between Temple and PIttsburgh

How many times has Oklahoma state beat Oklahoma University in Norman?

OSU has beaten OU 16 times in the Bedlam Rivarly, 8 of the times were in Norman. OU has won beaten OSU 79 times

When has Texas A M beaten the University of Texas?

Texas A&M has played the University of Texas in football 117 times. The Aggies have won 37 of those, with the most recent win occurring in the 2010 season.

What year did the Kentucky basketball team win the NIT?

The University of Kentucky has never been a 'recognized' national champion however they were selected as national champions in 1950 by the Sagarin Ratings and Bill Libby polls. They went 11-1 in 1950 under head coach Bear Bryant and defeated Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. Their only loss that season was to Tennessee who was named the national champion.

What is the most team points scored in basketball in four quarters?

On March 6, 1962 Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game. No one has ever beaten that.

Has a mens ncaa basketball team ever beaten 3 number 1 seeds to win the championship?

the (4) seed Arizona Wildcats in 1997, Defeated (1) seed Kansas Jayhawks (favored to win it all) in the sweet sixteen: final score 85-82 Defeated (1) seed North Carolina Tar Heels in the final four: final score 66-58 Defeated (1) seed Kentucky Wildcats in the National Championship: final score 84-79