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Nine times.

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Q: How many times has the Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots since 2000?
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Are there any NFL teams with perfect season?

As of the end of the 2007 season, there have been four teams in the NFL that have had undefeated/untied regular seasons: 1934 - Chicago Bears 1942 - Chicago Bears 1972 - Miami Dolphins 2007 - New England Patriots Of those four teams, only the 1972 Dolphins won the NFL championship and completed the season undefeated.

How long has the patriot had there name?

The New England Patriots have had the name Patriots since 1960. They were originally named the Boston Patriots, but in 1971 it was changed to the New England Patriots.

When was Tom Brady in the New England Patriots since?

Tom Brady was the quarterback for the New England Patriots since 1999, but Tom Brady was drafted in 2000.

What is Miami Dolphins record since 1970?

From 1970 onward the Dolphins are 392-370-2 - they are 20-20 in the playoffs.

Which NFL team has the most regular season wins since 1970?

The Miami Dolphins

What is the winningest NFL team since 1994?

New England Patriots

What team does Mike Sherman coach?

Mike Sherman (aged 58,) coaches the Miami Dolphins, since April 27th, 2012. He still coaches the Miami Dolphins today, and there have been 90 coaches before him.

What nfl team has the best winning percentage since 2011?

The 49ers have the highest winning percent because they are undefeated in superbowls. P.S. They are 5-0 in superbowls winning against the Bengals,Dolphins,Broncos,Bengals again, and finally the Chargers.

What is the head to head record for the New England Patriots vs the Indianapolis Colts since 2000?

Since 2000, the New England Patriots have gone 6-3 versus the Indianapolis Colts in the regular season. In post season play The Patriots are 2-1 versus the Colts since 2000.

Have the NFL New England Patriots ever had an undefeated regular season?

Yes, the Dolphins in 1972 went undefeated during the regular season and won the Super Bowl. The 1934 and 1942 Chicago Bears went undefeated during the regular season but lost the NFL championship game both seasons. The Patriots just finished the 2007 regular season undefeated. The question was "Was there ever and undefeated NFL Season?" If you're referring to a regular season AND championship win...there was only one...the 1972 Miami Dolphins. If you're referring to and undefeated regular season only...four teams have done this...they are: 1943 Chicago Bears 1942 Chicago Bears 1972 Miami Dolphins 2007 New England Patriots Both of the above answers are inaccurate. The first team to go undefeated through an ENTIRE NFL SEASON and win the CHAMPIONSHIP was the Green Bay Packers in 1929. Curly Lambeau was their coach. The Dolphins were the 2nd team to do it, 43 years later, without resorting to any ties (NFL had tie games in those days and the Packers had 1 tie). The Packers and Dolphins are the ONLY teams to ever accomplish an undefeated NFL Championship.

How many quarterbacks have played a full season for the Miami Dolphins since Dan Marino left?


Did Miami Dolphins fire their head coach?

Not a chance! Hes the best thing since Don Shula...