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none, yet. the Heisman trophy trust has yet to come to a decision regarding their decision of stripping reggie bush of his trophy.

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It has never happened in the trophies 75 year history, although that could change very soon. Depending on the committee's decision about former USC running back Reggie Bush (2005).

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Q: How many times has the Heisman Trophy been stripped from a player?
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How many times can you win the Heisman Trophy?

There is no limit as to how many times a player can win the Heisman. But since a college player can only play a maximum of five seasons, the maximum number of times he could win would be five times.

Which players have won the Heisman Trophy three times?


What quarterback won the Heisman Trophy the most times in their career?

aaron rodgers

How many times has Ohio state university players brought home the Heisman Trophy?


Where can I find a list of teams that have won the Heisman sorted by how many times?

Teams do not win the Heisman trophy; it's an individual award. You can, however, find a list of all the players who have won the award, along with the teams they were playing for at the time, on the Heisman trophy website.

What Ohio college did Archie Griffin play for and won what famous college football trophy two times?

Archie Griffin played at Ohio State and won the Heisman Trophy twice.

How many Heismans trophies has Ohio state won?

Nobody from Ohio University has won the Heisman Trophy, however, players from Ohio State University have won the award seven times: 1) 1944 - Les Horvath, QB 2) 1950 - Vic Janowicz, RB 3) 1955 - Howard Cassady, RB 4) 1974 - Archie Griffin, RB 5) 1975 - Archie Griffin, RB 6) 1995 - Eddie George, RB 7) 2006 - Troy Smith, QB

Who is the only person to win Heisman Trophy three times?

The first person to win the Heisman Trophy in college football was Jay Berwanger. He was a Halfback out Chicago University, and was a senior when he received the trophy. He received 43.08% of the total percentage of points.

Have two or more Heisman Trophy winners returned to compete again in College Football at the same time?

Yes, Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford both competed in the 2009 college football season as former Heisman trophy winners.There have never before been two Heisman trophy winners play in the regular season, but it has happened several times in Bowl Games (Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush both won Heismans and played together in their final bowl game for USC).

When is Heisman winner picked?

December 8, 2007 at the New York Athletic Club Chase Daniel will be awarded the Heisman Trophy

Heisman trophy winners?

Jay Berwanger. He played halfback for Chicago in 1935

How Many times karnataka have won ranji trophy?

they have won the ranji trophy 13 times