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Q: How many times has osu cowboys beat ou sooner in college football?
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How many times did the Cowboys win the World Series?

Cowboys have a Super Bowl, which is for FOOTBALL. World Series is BASEBALL

What football team has the leading record for times in the Super Bowl?

dallas cowboys

What pro football team has been to the super bowl the most times?

Dallas Cowboys with 8.

How many times did the Dallas Cowboys play on monday night football in the 1990's?


What southern football team won the super bowl three times in the 90's?

Dallas Cowboys

Does a college football coach also teach a college class?

Often times they do, but not always.

How many times do you have to go to college to be a football player?


How many times have the huskies best the cougars in college football?


How many times have the Dallas Cowboys beaten the Baltimore Ravens?

Never. The Ravens are the only National Football League team that the Dallas Cowboys have not yet beaten. The Cowboys are 0-4 against the squad from the AFC North.

How many times has Alabama beaten Lsu in college football?


What football team has been to the super bowl the most times?

The Dallas Cowboys who are 5-3 in superbowls all time.

How many times has the 49 ers beat the Dallas cowboys in the super bowl?

The Cowboys and the 49ers can never play in the Super Bowl because they are both in the National Football Conference. The Super Bowl is between NFC teams and American Football Conference teams.