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Q: How many times has iran participated in soccer world cup?
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What is Angola's number one sport?

Football/Soccer. They participated in the 2006 World cup, playing Portugal, Mexico and Iran. Rugby and cricket are popular as well.

Does Iran have a FIFA World Cup soccer team?

Yes Iran does have a soccer team and have played at world cups as well.

When Iran first time qualified for soccer World Cup?


What national game of Iran?


Who participated in the trade for the silk road?

China, Iran, Greece, Parthian, Mesopotamia, and Rome all participated in the trade for the silk road.

How many times has Iran won the football world cup?


What are some sports in Tehran Iran?


Who is best soccer player in Iran?

ali karimi

Is South Korean soccer team better than Iran's soccer team?

Oh yes they are , as a few South Koreans are playing in the E.p.L. But not a single pplayer from Iran is there.

Most popular soccer club in Asia?

Perspolis of Iran

What are some of the sports they play in iran?

Soccer, Volleyball, wrestling,

Who is the oldest club Soccer team in Iran?

Rahahan fc