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Inter Milan have won it way back in 1964, and 1965.

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16 times until now

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Q: How many times has inter milan won serie a?
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How many times inter milan win the a1 series?

They have won 17 Serie A titles.

Inter milan won serie a how many times?

They have won it 17 times, and are on course to win their 18th in 2009/2010.

How many champion league has inter Milan have won?

Inter Milan have won it 3 times in 1963, 1964 and in 2010.

How many times have Milan won champions league?

Which Milan are you asking about?A.c. Milan have won it 7 times, and Inter Milan have won it 3 times.

In last 200 meetings between Ac Milan and inter Milan how many times did Ac Milan has won and how many times did the Inter Milan?

All-time record: Matches: 171 | Inter wins: 61 | Milan wins: 58 | Draws: 52 | Inter goals: 247 | Milan goals: 234| A Cool Youtube Place to see videos of these (and other encounters, involving AC Milan), the link is listed below

How many times inter won the seria a?

Inter Milan have so far won 16 Seria A titles.

How many serie a league championships have ac milan won?


How many Muslims in Inter Milan?


How many times have ac Milan won the champions league?

AC Milan have won the Champions League 3 times and been runners up 3 times. Prior to that they had won the European Cup 4 times, (which was in fact The same competition, but only open to the winners of each European countries domestic league and was played on a knock out basis.)

How many lega calcio cups did inter milan win?


How many years in a row did inter Milan win the Italian cup?


How many fans does ac Milan have?

A.C Milan have a very big fan support, as it is a very old club, it split in 1910, and Inter Milan was created. A.C. Milan have won the champion league 7 times, while Real Madrid have won it 9 times. So they have a very good fan base world over.