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Q: How many times has fsu been to the college football championship game?
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What college football coach has been to the national championship the most?

Paul "Bear" Bryant for Alabama.

How many times has butler gone to the nation championship?

they have never been to one in football and basketball.

How many times has Alabama been in the SEC championships in football?

As of 2009, Alabama has WON the SEC championship 22 times. Second is Tennessee with 13 wins. Not sure how many times they've been in the championship game, but they have won / been the champion 22 times. ROLL TIDE!

How many football teams have been in the championship?


Who are the division 1 national championship winners?

which state? or do you mean in college football? either way the game hasn't been played yet.

How many times have the Florida gators won the national championship in football?

In 100 years of play, Florida has been recognized as SEC champions seven times (finishing first in the conference an additional three times), were national champions of the 1996 and 2006 college football seasons, and went undefeated in the 1995 regular season

Which college has been on the most sports illustrated covers?

notre dame football 33 times

Who won the 2010 BCS National Championship?

It has not been played yet! It won't be played until January after the regular college football season is over.

How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers been in the AFC championship game?

The Steelers have been in the AFC championship game 15 times.

How many times have the broncos been to the AFC championship?

The AFC what? Do you mean Championship Game? 8 times

How many football national championship has Texas A and M won?

Three times Texas A & M has been ranked #1 by one or more rankings.

How many times the WWE championship has been defended in a hell in a cell match?

Including when it was called the wwf championship,5 times. The heavyweight championship also 5 times.

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