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Q: How many times has david haye lost a fight?
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What belts has david haye won?

English Cruiserweight title (2003 - 04) EBU (European cruiserweight title) - (2005 - 2006) Lost Bid for the IBO - Cruiserweight title against carl thompson (1st defeat 2004) WBC, WBA and Ring Magasine Cruiserweight titles (lineal champion) 2007 Unified the division adding the WBO cruiserweight title (2008) Held 3 of the 4 main titles and was the lineal champion (man who beat the man) Heavyweight Champion (2009) WBA Lost bid to unify the division against wladamir klitschko - who held the Ring Magazine title, WBO, IBF and IBO ( Haye lost WBA belt - wladamir promoted to super champion - Alexander povetking beat Ruslan Chagaev for the vacant WBA title) 2012 - Haye beat Derek Chisora for the vacant WBA and WBO intercontinental Heavyweight titles (Basically mickey mouse belts) 2013 - Haye may fight vitali Kitschko for the WBC Heavyweight title

How may times did James Braddock fight Joe Louis?

Braddock fought Louis once in 1937. He lost.

Did Cotto lose a fight?

he lost the fight tonight. Clottey is the winner

What has the author David Hay written?

David Hay has written: 'Paradise lost'

What has the author DAVID LEHMAN written?


Did david archuleata win American Idol?

No David Archuleta lost to David Cook in the 2008 American Idol final.

How many times did boxer Muhammad Ali win the heavyweight championship?

3 times against: George Foreman Sonny Liston and cant remember Hi, the third time he won it by unanimous decision from Leon Spinks in 1978, about 7 months after losing the Championship to Spinks by split decision. ..:: Jeff ::..

Who plays Walt on LOST?

Malcolm David Kelley

Who did undertaker fight if he won the person who lost was not too fight again and leave WWE?

it is Shawn Micheal's

When did the Battle of Bunker Hill prove?

it proved to the British that the colonists had the will to fight. even though they lost they had the will to fight.

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well the vikings thought the peolple they had to fight they lost most of them especciall the one with hassan

How many times have Germany lost the world cup?

They have played the final 7 times and lost it 4 times.