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Once in 2008.

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2012-04-17 21:20:37
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Q: How many times has china won the team gymnastics event at the olympcic games?
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What year did the gymnastics Olympic games start?

The modern Olympics started in 1896 in Athens, Greece and Gymnastics was an event there.

When was rhythmic gymnastics introduced into the Olympics?

Rythmic gymnastics was introduced as an individual sport in 1984 and in 1996 as a team event in the Olympic games.

How many years has china topped the table for olympic medals for gymnastics?

China's 14 medals in gymnastics at the 2008 Games in Beijing was the most won by a country but at the 2004 Games in Athens, Romania topped the medal table with 10 and China won 3.

Where did gymnastics first originate?

the first gymnastics games originates in Athens Greece,but according to the history the first gymnastics movement were created was in China,they used it as medical gymnastics or KUNG FU and in Egypt as an entertament.

When did Gymnastics get introduced to the Olympic Games?

Gymnastics has been a part of the Modern Games since their inception in 1896. History did not record when gymnastics began in the ancient Olympics but it is known that at the first Games in 776 BC there was only one event, that being a foot race of approximately 200 yards. As the Games became more popular, events such as gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, and weightlifting were added.

Why is china best known for gymnastics?

i think ,may be because of the amazing performences in olympic games these years.

Who was the last new zealader to win a medal for gymnastics in commonwealth games?

David Bishop is the last New Zealand gymnast to win a medal in Gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games. He finished third in the floor event at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Who won olympic gold medal in gymnastics for uneven bars in the 2008 summer olympic games?

At the 2008 Games in Beijing, that was He Kexin of China.

How has Australia performed in event of gymnastics over the history of the olympic games?

Australia has not won a medal in gymnastics competition at the Summer Olympic Games. However, they have won a silver in trampoline. That was by Ji Wallace in men's trampoline competition at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

What spasific reigion is gymnastics from?

Gymnastics has been around for centuries. Gymnastics comes from the word Gymnos, meaning naked in Greek. Which is were and how gymnastics started, with all men being naked in the Greek Olympic games. Ancient Greece is where gymnastics origionated but has become more modernized in China, America, Russia and the Ukraine.

What Olympic game is china best known for?

Gymnastics, Diving, Martial arts, weightlifting, table tennis, and badminton are some of the Olympic games China is best known for.

Where will the Gymnastic event be held during the 2008 Beijing Games?

Rhythmic Gymnastics and Badminton will be held at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium. Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, and Handball will be held at the National Indoor Stadium.

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