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5 times

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โˆ™ 2012-04-15 08:15:39
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Q: How many times has barca ever met with Chelsea in the champion leaque competition?
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A current premiership footballer who has played for Chelsea arsenal and Barcelona?

Don't believe there is one. Chelsea and arsenal Ashley cole, anelka, gallas Chelsea and barca belletti, deco

Who has played for Barcelona Chelsea and manu?

if my memory serves me right Mark Hughes he played for man utd then barca and returned to England to play for Chelsea

How do you use disgraceful in a sentence?

That was after the Chelsea messiah walked in on the ref and the barca boss doing something really disgraceful.

Which is the best football manger 2008 team?

Arsenal Liverpool Man Utd Chelsea Real Madrid Not Barca though

Which Dutchman played for Chelsea middlesbrough Liverpool and Sunderland?

Boudewijn Zenden. He also played for PSV, Barca and Marseille, and in 2012 became assistant manager to Rafa Benitez at Chelsea F.C.

Who is better Manchester united or Chelsea football club in soccer?

obiously, manchester united, they are the best better than barca' in my opinion

What players played for two of the premiership big 4 teams and in spAIN?

Michael Owen Liverpool Manchester United Real MadridNicholas Anelka Real Madrid Arsenal Liverpool ChelseaLassana Diarra Chelsea Arsenal Real MadridBolo Zenden Liverpool Chelsea Middlesbrough Barcalona (at least)p.s if Manchester City are a 'soon-to-be Top Four Club' include Steve McManaman in there ;-Djamaine pennant Liverpool arsenal Real ZaragozaMark hughes man u,Chelsea and barca emmanuel petit Chelsea,arsenal and barcaPetit Chelsea arsenal and barca Glen Johnson Liverpool Chelsea Veron manu Chelsea Ashley cole Chelsea arsenal

Who has played for Manchester United and Liverpool and Chealsa and Barcelona?

No player has played for all four teams. Bolo Zenden has played for Liverpool, Chelsea and Barca.

Who was Hannibal Barca's Dad?

Hamilcar Barca

Will ronaldo move to barca?

ronaldo will move to barca

When did Hamilcar Barca die?

Hamilcar Barca died in -228.

Who was hamilcar barca?

Hamilcar Barca was a Carthaginian generaland father of the renown Hannibal Barca who waged war against Rome .

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