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Prior to the NFL having the season opener on Thursday nights, this stat is near impossible for a non-professional researcher to track down. Since the season openers started on Thursday nights in 2002, there has been only one person to technically achieve this feat, Kicker Adam Vinateri of the New England Patriots. He scored the last points in Super Bowl XXXVIII vs the Carolina Panthers and then scored the first points in the 2004 season, kicking a field goal against the Indianapolis Colts.

It may be argued that Santonio Holmes also achieved this feat, having scored the last td in the Super Bowl and scoring the first points of the 2009 season. However, the last point scored in Super Bowl XLIII was by kicker Jeff Reed.

Based on that distinction, only Adam Vinateri has achieved this feat.

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Q: How many times has a player scored both the last point in a super bowl and the first point in the next season?
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