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William Renshaw won 7 Wimbledon singles titles and 5 Wimbledon doubles titles.

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Q: How many times has William renshaw won Wimbledon?
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How many british women have won singles title at Wimbledon?

A total of 12 British men have won Wimbledon 34 times, the first being Spencer Gore in 1877 and the last being Fred Perry in 1936. William Renshaw, a British man, has won a total of 7 times (1881-86, 1889), equalled by Pete Sampras, an American (1993-95, 1997-2000).

How many times has nadal won Wimbledon?

Nadal has won Wimbledon twice.

How many times did boris reach Wimbledon final?

Boris Becker reached the Wimbledon finals 7 times, winning 3.

How many times did Steffi Graff win Wimbledon ladies single title?

Steffi Graf won the ladies' Wimbledon singles title 7 times.

How many times has sempres won Wimbledon?

If by "sempres" you mean Pete Sampras, then the answer is 7 times.

How many times has Rafael Nadal won Wimbledon?

As of the 2010 Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal has played in 9 Wimbledon Men's Singles tournaments. His first time came back in 2002.

How many times has Venus Williams won the Wimbledon Singles title?

Venus Williams has won 5 Wimbledon singles titles: 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2008.

Exactly how many times has tennis star Roger Federer won Wimbledon?

As of March 2010, he has won it a total of 6 times.

How many times was William Bradford reelected governor?

How many times was William Bradford reelected governor?

How many times has the Wimbledon Men's Final been played on a Monday due to bad weather?


How many times did pairs Mahesh bhupathi and Leander peas won the Wimbledon champions?

one one

How many times did Boris Becker lose Wimbledon?

Boris Becker lost 12 times at Wimbledon 2nd Round 1987 3rd Round 1984,1996 4th Round 1999 QF 1992,1997 SF 1993,1994 Finalist 1988,1990,1991,1995