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Wales have won the Grand Slam a total of 10 times, England are the only nation to achieve more with 12 wins, Wales last win was in 2008

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Q: How many times has Wales won the rugby grand slam?
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How many times have the kiwis beaten wales at rugby?

25 times out of 28 games :)

How many times have Wales won the grand slam?

10 times

How many times has England won the 6 nations?

England has won 12 times. They have the most wins of all Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Another name for rugby wins are (grand slam). Therefore England has 12 grand slams.

Where can rugby tickets be purchased in Wales?

Rugby tickets in Wales can be purchased at the Welsh Rugby Union. The Welsh Rugby Union has many ticket options for many rugby matches in Wales. Pre-registration is also available for matches.

How many times have wales beaten New Zealand in rugby union?

hi wales have not beaten new zealand since 1953

How many times have wales beaten Ireland in rugby?

They have played 117 times. Wales have won 64 times (including the RWC 2011), lost 47 times and drawn 6 times

How many times have Wales beaten South Africa in rugby?

Wales have beaten South Africa in a full international only once in over a century of international rugby between the sides.

How many times have wales beaten England in rugby union?

52 times compared to England's 53 times beating Wales, but after 14th Feb it should be all square.

How many have wales times won the rugby world cup?

They havent, they have reached the quarter finals.

How many times have Wales beaten Scotland at Rugby Union?

Wales have played Scotland 113 times, won 62 times, drawn 3 times, and lost 48 times (as of January 2009)

How many times have Ireland beaten wales in rugby?

Since 1882, Ireland and Wales have played 117 rugby matches: Ireland have won 47 matches. Wales have won 64 matches. There have been 6 drawn matches.

Where can you buy Wales rugby shirts?

Wales rugby shirts can be bought from many different stores online and offline. Some examples of stores that sell Wales rugby shirts include World Rugby Shop and Shop Rugby.

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