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Valentino Rossi has won 105 races in the 125cc, 250cc, 500cc and Moto GP Class.

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2012-08-25 04:43:42
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Q: How many times has Valentino Rossi won a race?
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What is Valentino Rossi's Race number?


Who is valentino rossi's father?

Graziano Rossi.....who used to race bikes as well

Who is valentino rossi's father?

Graziano Rossi.....who used to race bikes as well

In what team valentino rossi race for 2009?

fiat Yamaha

What does Valentino Rossi do when he finishes a race?

he celebrates with his best mates

Which race car driver is number is 46?

Valentino Rossi but for moto gp

What famous race car driver where a helmet with number 46 on it?

Valentino Rossi

What is the name of Valentino Rossi's best friend who is always with him at the race track?

Alessio "Uccio" Salucci

Why is valentino rossi 46?

I myself, am a huge Valentino Rossi fan, so this is the perfect question for me. Rossi's father Graizzario Rossi, a motorbike rider him self, won his first race with the number 46. When Rossi started racing in the big classes he wanted the number that his father won his first grand prix with.

Who is the man that Valentino Rossi first hugs after each race he wins?

The man he hugs is Uccio- Alessio Salucci his best friend and personal assistant. Anyone who's just won a MotoGP race would hug there best friends would they not- clearly not gay Valentino Rossi '08 CHAMPION wooo

Who is the best MotoGP rider of all time?

the best moto gp rider id valentino rossi, he is undesputed best has most race victorys and has won the title 6 times in a row and 8 times over all

Why valentino rossi named the doctor in motogp race?

Because of his work with AIDS orphans in South Africa a few years he is clinical on the bike.

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