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Q: How many times has University of Maryland made it to the sweet sixteen in the tournament?
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Was Washington State University ever in the sweet sixteen?

Yes, in the 2008 NCAA tournament Washington State defeated Winthrop and Notre Dame to earn a spot in the sweet sixteen where they were defeated by the number 1 seed North Carolina.

Who made the NCAA tournament sweet sixteen five times?

Atlanta Braves

What are the Sweet Sixteen in March Madness?

The sixteen teams left in the tournament. Followed by the elite eight, final four and championship.

What is the farthest u of Miami has gone in national basketball tournament?

The Sweet Sixteen in 2000.

Has a 15 seed ever made it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament?

In 2013, Florida Gulf Coast University became the first #15 seed toreach the Sweet Sixteen, defeating #2 Georgetown and #7 San Diego State.

What is the lowest seed to make it to the Sweet 16?

I HATE YOUFlorida Gulf State University beat San Diego State 81-71 in the third round of the 2013 NCAA tournament to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

The Boilermakers reached the 2000 NCAA Tournament Elite Eight round by defeating what team in the sweet sixteen?


Would it be alexis' sweet sixteen or alexis's sweet sixteen?

I would go with "Alexis's sweet sixteen"

Which school in the 1997 Tournament is the only team to beat three 1 seeds in a single tournament?

The University of Arizona. Arizona beat West Region #1 Kentucky in the national finals, East Region #1 North Carolina in the national semifinals, and Southeast Region #1 Kansas in the Sweet Sixteen.

Who beat North Carolina in 1984 ncaa tournament?

North Carolina was defeated by Indiana, 72-68, in the East Region Sweet Sixteen.

Has Creighton won a NCAA men's basketball tournament?

No. They've made it to the Sweet Sixteen three times but were defeated all three times.

When was When You Were Sweet Sixteen created?

When You Were Sweet Sixteen was created in 1898.

When do you celebrate your sweet sixteen?

sweet sixteen is usley celerbrated only when ur sixteen not 12 or 11 only sixteen.

What does sweet sixteen mean?

Sweet Sixteen is the light weight model.

Who sings Sweet Sixteen?

Hilary Duff sings ''Sweet Sixteen".

How far has a number 14 seed advanced in a NCAA basketball tournament?

Sweet Sixteen two times Cleveland State in 1986 Chattanooga in 1997

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen model?

What is the value of a sweet sixteen sn x98973? In excellent condition

Did Demi Lovato have a sweet sixteen?

Demi Lovato had a sweet sixteen already.

When and where was Sweet Sixteen X64426 made?

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When was Sweet Little Sixteen created?

Sweet Little Sixteen was created in 1958-01.

What is the age of a Browning sweet sixteen serial s 29054?

your browning sweet sixteen was made in 1955.

When a girl is sixteen it is her sweet sixteen but when a boy turns sixteen what is it called?

A boy's 16th birthday party is also often called a sweet sixteen - not just girls'.

Has Cornell won the NCAA tournament?

Cornell has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. They made it to the Sweet Sixteen in 2010, losing to Kentucky, 62-45.

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen shotgun serial 30021?

That is not a Sweet Sixteen serial number.

When was your browning sweet sixteen made?

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