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Syracuse has appeared in the the Men's NCAA Basketball tournament 32 times.

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Q: How many times has Syracuse been to the NCAA men's basketball tournament?
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Has Drexel ever won the NCAA basketball tournament?

No. The Drexel Dragons men's basketball team made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament in 1996 but were defeated by Syracuse.

How many times has Syracuse won the NCAA basketball tournament?

Once. In 2003, with Carmello Anthony and Hakim Warrick leading the way.

Who won the NCAA Basketball Champions in 2003?

Syracuse beat Kansas 81-78 to win the 2003 NCAA men's basketball tournament, marking the school's first tournament crown.

When was the last time that Syracuse played Duke in basketball?

March 20, 1998 in the NCAA Tournament

Who won the 2003 NCAA tournament?


How many times has Baylor been in the NCAA tournament?

Through 2013, Baylor has been in the NCAA men's basketball tournament seven times.

How many times has MSU won the NCAA basketball tournament?

2 times

Syracuse Orange last NCAA basketball championship?

Syracuse has won the NCAA basketball championship only once, in 2003.

When did Syracuse last make it to the NCAA tournament?


Has Syracuse won the NCAA tournament?

Yes, Once.

Who won the NCAA basketball tournament in 1948?

The Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA basketball tournament in 1948.

How many times has a 2 seed won NCAA basketball tournament?

12 times.

How many ncaa tournament has KY been in?

Kentucky has been in the NCAA men's basketball tournament a record 52 times through 2013.

What NCAA men's division 1 basketball team has reached the NCAA tournament the most times?


How many times has Xavier University men's basketball win NCAA tournament?

Never have they won the tournament.

What year did the NCAA tournament begain?

The first NCAA Basketball Tournament was held in 1939.

What was the first national basketball tournament?

The first national basketball tournament was the National Invitational Tournament, the NIT. It preceded the start of the NCAA tourney. The first year of the NCAA Basketball Tournament was 1939.

What seed was unc in the 2009 ncaa basketball tournament?

UNC was a number 1 seed in the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament.

Did Illinois ever win the NCAA men's basketball tournament?

No, Illinois has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

How many times has Ohio won the ncaa basketball tournament?

NCAA Championship 1960 OSU They Have Won One

What NCAA sports have a playoff system?

The NCAA basketball tournament

How many times has Syracuse won the NCAA men's basketball tournement?

Only once in 2003..

When was the first Women's NCAA basketball tournament?

the first womens basketball tournament was in 1905

How many times has KU made it to the sweet 16 in the NCAA basketball tournament?


How many times has duke men's basketball won the NCAA tournament?

They have 4 titles.