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he has only wone it once
Once, in 2005.

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Q: How many times has Steven Gerrard won the champions league?
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What player won the champions league the most times with Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard

How many times has steven Gerrard won the premier league title?


How many times has Steven Gerrard scored in premier league?

76 goals in 350 appearances.

How many trophies has Steven Gerrard won with Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard has won a slate of awards over the years. As a true legend in Liverpool and British soccer, Gerrard amassed eleven club championships. This includes the FA Cup twice, the League Cup three times, and the Community Shield twice. It also includes the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, and UEFA Super Cup twice. Individually, Gerrard has won over 43 awards. Some of the prestigious accolades and achievements Steven has secured are UEFA Footballer of the Year 2005, and Goal of the Season in 2006.

Who has won the fa cup 3 times?

steven gerrard

How many times have Chelsea won the champions league?

Chelsea have won the champions league 3 times

Why is steven Gerrard a leader?

Steven Gerrard has been captain of Liverpool Football Club for eight years. During that time he has lead liverpool to two FA cup wins, two league cup wins, a UEFA cup win and a UEFA Champions League win. He has also captained his country in the 2010 world cup. Steven Gerrard's success in football is outstanding and he has dedicated almost his whole life to liverpool. Gerrard has come back from injery many times and still managed to get back to his scoring form. When he is on the pitch he's working and never stops. He is courageous and no matter what postion he is in, without him, Liverpool woudn't be the best club in the world.

How many times have Barcelona won the champions league?

Fc Barcelona has won the champions league 3 times!

How many times have man utd won the champions league?

man utd have won the champions league 2 times

How many times have ac Milan won champions league?

Ac Milan have won the Champions League 7 times

How many times have man united been champions league champions?

2 times

How many times have man city won the champions league?

They never have won the Champions League

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