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None, South Carolina sucks! They can kiss my Alabama butt! WRONG! The Gamecocks took down #1 Alabama on 2010.

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Q: How many times has South Carolina beat Alabama in football?
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How many times has the university of sc beat Alabama in football?

In 15 games, South Carolina is 3 - 12 against AlabamaAverage score: South Carolina 10.8 - Alabama 26.9All games2010/10/09 South Carolina 35 - Alabama 21 W2009/10/17 South Carolina 6 - Alabama 20 L2005/09/17 South Carolina 14 - Alabama 37 L2004/10/02 South Carolina 20 - Alabama 3 W2001/09/29 South Carolina 37 - Alabama 36 W2000/09/30 South Carolina 17 - Alabama 27 L1993/10/02 South Carolina 6 - Alabama 17 L1992/10/03 South Carolina 7 - Alabama 48 L1967/11/18 South Carolina 0 - Alabama 17 L1966/11/12 South Carolina 0 - Alabama 24 L1965/11/13 South Carolina 14 - Alabama 35 L1946/10/05 South Carolina 6 - Alabama 14 L1945/10/13 South Carolina 0 - Alabama 55 L1942/11/07 South Carolina 0 - Alabama 29 L1937/10/09 South Carolina 0 - Alabama 20 LIf you are referring to USC (Southern California)In 7 games, USC is 2 - 5 against Alabama.09-24-1938: Alabama 19, USC 701-01-1946: Alabama 34, USC 1409-12-1970: USC 42, Alabama 2109-10-1971: Alabama 17, USC 1010-08-1977: Alabama 21, USC 2009-23-1978: USC 24, Alabama 1412-28-1985: Alabama 24, USC 3

How many times has Ole Miss beaten South Carolina gamecocks in football?

3 times

How many times has clemson beat South Carolina in a row in football?

The longest Clemson winning streak over South Carolina is 7 between 1934-1940.

How many times has Mississippi State beaten Alabama in Football?

How many times has Mississippi State beaten Alabama in Football

How many times have notre dame and South Carolina played football against each other?

4 times (1976, 1979, 1983, 1984) with Notre Dame winning 3 times and South Carolina winning once.

How many times has South Carolina beat UVA in football?

As of the 2008 season, South Carolina leads the all time series against Virginia 21-12-1.

What year did University of South Carolina and Clemson play football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2007 season, Clemson and the University of South Carolina have met in football 104 times and every year since 1909. Clemson leads the series 37-63-4.

How many times has Alabama been on probation for football?

3 times in which the football team was somehow involved

How many times has Nebraska and Alabama played football?


How many national championships has Alabama won in football?

Alabama has won twelve times as many national championships in football than Auburn.

How many times has Florida beat the South Carolina Gamecocks?

How many times has Florida beat the South Carolina Gamecocks

How many times has Virginia Tech played South Carolina?

Virgina Tech has played South Carolina 20 times (South Carolina is leading the series 11-7-2)

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