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Q: How many times has Sir Alex Ferguson won manager of the year?
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How many games has sir alex Ferguson won?

sir alex Ferguson has so far won 48 honours as manager they are as followed

How many times have Manchester united played in champions league with Alex Ferguson as manager?

19 time s alex furgen has managed united in the champo leauge m8

How many years has Alex Ferguson been manager of Manchester United?

24 years (since 6th November 1986)

How many players have scored hat rick against Manchester united while alex Ferguson has been manager?


Who was David Beckhams childhood hero?

David Beckham played football at Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson was David's manager. Sir Alex Ferguson taught David many things and put him in his first real game. Sir Alex Ferguson was a role model of David's because of this.

How many times have Manchester united been in the champions league under Alex Ferguson?


How many soccer managers' sons have become soccer managers?

sir alex ferguson...the current manager of Manchester united football club

How many titles has alex Ferguson won with Manchester united?

As at the end of the 2008-2009 season - 10

How many players has Alex Ferguson signed in 2010?


How many hours does Alex Ferguson work?

67 a day!!!

Where can one buy a football autobiography by Sir Alex Ferguson?

Sir Alex Ferguson is a former Scottish football player and manager whom started off being a plater's helper in the shipbuilding industry. He has written several autobiographies including "Managing My Life: My Autobiography", "Shadow of the Knight: Football's Life After", and "A Will to Win: The Manager's Diary". Many reputable retailers carry his autobiography such as Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

How many managers have Manchester City had since Alex Ferguson became manager of Manchester United?

Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United in November 1986. Since this date, the managers of Manchester City have been: Jimmy Frizzell Mel Machin Tony Book (caretaker manager) Howard Kendall Peter Reid Tony Book (caretaker manager) Brian Horton Alan Ball Asa Hartford (caretaker manager) Steve Coppell Phil Neal (caretaker manager) Frank Clark Joe Royle Kevin Keegan Stuart Pearce Sven-Goran Eriksson Mark Hughes Roberto Mancini This is a total of 18 managers or caretaker-managers.