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Q: How many times has Rickey Henderson stole 3rd Base?
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Who stole more bases Rickey Henderson or Lou Brock?

Rickey Henderson is the all-time MLB stolen base leader, with 1,406. Lou Brock is second with 938.

Most stolen base in one season?

Rickey Henderson baby, Rickey Henderson

Who holds the record for stealing third base the most in one season?

Rickey Henderson, who else? Stole third 34 times in his record setting season 1982.

Who stole third base the most in mlb history?

I've been looking for confirmation of this myself, but just looking through the most prolific base stealers' stats, it seems hard to imagine anyone could have stolen third more than Rickey Henderson. He stole third base 322 times, including 34 times in a single season in 1982.

Who is better Lou brock or rickey Henderson?

Rickey HendersonRickey Henderson got on base a lot more, hit for more power, and was a better fielder for most of his career. Brock was very good, but Henderson was one of the greatest players of all time.

Who holds single season stolen base record for more than one team?

Rickey Henderson

Who holds the career and single season stolen base record?

As of the end of the 2007 season, Rickey Henderson is MLB's all time stolen base leader with 1406. The record for most stolen bases in a single MLB season is held by Hugh Nicol of the Cincinnati Red Stockings of the American Association who stole 138 bases in 1887. The modern day record is held by Rickey Henderson with 130 stolen bases in 1982.

Who steal home from 1st base?

Ricky Henderson stole all the bases and home plate ...

Most base steals ever?

Single season - Hugh Nicol in 1887 with 138 Career - Rickey Henderson with 1406

What major league baseball player holds the single season stolen base record?

Rickey Henderson with 130 steals.

Who holds the record for most career stolen bases?

Rickey Henderson is MLB's all time stolen base leader with 1406.

Who is the all time stolen base leader?

According to Baseball Almanac, Rickey Henderson is the all time leader in stolen bases with 1,406.

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