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The BCS Championship Game played January 8, 2009 is the first ever meeting between Oklahoma and Florida in football.

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Q: How many times has Oklahoma university played Florida?
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How many times has the University of Oklahoma played in the national title game?

3 times

How many times has the University of Florida played for a National Championship in football?


How many times has the University of Florida football team played the University of Virginia?

Once, during the 1959 regular season in Gainesville ... Florida won 55-10.

What is the win-loss record between the University of Florida and the University of Miami?

They have played 53 times from 1938 through 2004. Florida has won 25 times and Miami has won 28. ...through the 2006 season, with 28 wins to Florida's 25 wins.

What year did northwestern university football team beat Oklahoma football team?

Northwestern and Oklahoma have played four times with Northwestern winning three (1959, 1960, 1997) and Oklahoma winning one (1939).

How many times has Florida State played Oklahoma?

5 times. 4 times in bowl games and 1 non-conference. This years game will make 6 games played. Currently OU is 4 and 1 against the Noles. Boomer Sooner!

Has Ohio State University ever played Florida State University in football?

Ohio State has met Florida State 3 times, twice in the regular season (1981, 1982) and the 1998 Sugar Bowl. Florida State has won all three contests.

How many times has tcu played Oklahoma in football?

11 times with Oklahoma leading the series 7-4. Their last game was in 2008.

How many times have the Oklahoma Sooners played for a national championship?


How many times has Oklahoma state beat Oklahoma University in Norman?

OSU has beaten OU 16 times in the Bedlam Rivarly, 8 of the times were in Norman. OU has won beaten OSU 79 times

How many times has Florida State University played in a national championship football game?

5 (1993-2001) Winning 2 (93 & 99)

How many times has Florida state beat Oklahoma in football?

January 2, 1965 FSU 36 - Oklahoma 19 Gator Bowl - Jacksonville, FL

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