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The Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners have played each other 64 times.

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11 times with Oklahoma leading the series 7-4. Their last game was in 2008.

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17 times

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Q: How many times has Oklahoma State beaten Oklahoma Sooners in football?
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Has Florida state seminoles ever beaten Oklahoma sooners at football?

Once ... in the 1965 Gator Bowl by the score of 36-19.

Who won Bedlam 2009?

Bedlam is a college football rivlery, between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The answer is... the Oklahoma Sooners.

What are Oklahoma peopple called from their state?


What state college is known as the sooners?

The University of Oklahoma

Is it Oklahoma sooner or Oklahoma cowboys?

Oklahoma university is called the sooners, and Oklahoma STATE is called the cowboys

Who were the pioneers who settled in the present state of Oklahoma?

boomers and sooners

What state is Tarheels sooners in?

I've never heard of "tarheels sooners". "Tarheels" is a term for people from North Carolina; "Sooners" is a term for people from Oklahoma.

Did Adrian Peterson play for boise state broncos?

No, he played for the Oklahoma Sooners.

What big twelve football team has won the most conference championships?

The Oklahoma Sooners have won eight Big 12 Conference championships, in 2000,2002,2004,2006,2007,2008,2010, and 2012 (with Kansas State.)

When did Oklahoma beat Alabama in football?

Oklahoma and Alabama have met four times with the Sooners winning twice, Alabama once, and one game ending in a tie. The Sooners defeated Alabama in the 2002 and 2003 regular season ... Alabama won the 1963 Orange Bowl ... and the 1970 Bluebonnet Bowl ended in a tie.

Who are the Cornhuskers arch rival?

Oklahoma Sooners, Kansas State Wildcats, and Kansas Jayhawks

Why are people from Oklahoma called sooners?

People from Oklahoma are called Sooners because during 1889 before President Grover Cleveland officially opened Oklahoma for settlement, some people entered the land and occupied it. Oklahoma adopted the name the Sooner State because of this.