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17 times

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โˆ™ 2012-08-17 19:05:56
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Q: How many times has Oklahoma State beaten Oklahoma Sooners in football?
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Has Florida state seminoles ever beaten Oklahoma sooners at football?

Once ... in the 1965 Gator Bowl by the score of 36-19.

Who won Bedlam 2009?

Bedlam is a college football rivlery, between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The answer is... the Oklahoma Sooners.

What are Oklahoma peopple called from their state?


What state college is known as the sooners?

The University of Oklahoma

Is it Oklahoma sooner or Oklahoma cowboys?

Oklahoma university is called the sooners, and Oklahoma STATE is called the cowboys

How did Oklahoma Sooners get their nickname?

"Sooners" were the settlers of the Unassigned Lands in the current state of Oklahoma, USA. They were often railroad employees, marshalls, or land surveyors that were legally able to enter the territory. Some sooners illegally crossed into the area at night, "under the light of the moon", so they were called moonshiners.In 1908 the University of Oklahoma adopted "Sooners" as their football team's name. The name stuck, becoming the nickname for the entire state.

Who were the pioneers who settled in the present state of Oklahoma?

boomers and sooners

How many times has Oklahoma football beaten Oklahoma State cowboys?

In the Bedlam Series, Oklahoma has won 82 times, Oklahoma State only 17 times, with 7 ties.

What is the all time record Ohio st vs the Oklahoma sooners?

In football, 1-1 ... Oklahoma won in 1977 in Columbus and Ohio State won in 1983 in Norman.

What state is Tarheels sooners in?

I've never heard of "tarheels sooners". "Tarheels" is a term for people from North Carolina; "Sooners" is a term for people from Oklahoma.

What is the record of Ohio state vs Oklahoma sooners?


Did Adrian Peterson play for boise state broncos?

No, he played for the Oklahoma Sooners.

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