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Lloyd Carr was head coach of Michigan from 1995-2007. Jim Tressel has been the head coach of Ohio State since 2001. During those years (2001-2007) Michigan's record against Ohio State was 1-6. Michigan's only win came in 2004 by the score of 35-21 in Ann Arbor.

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Ohio State and Penn State have had a rivalry for years. Since their first win in 1975 Ohio State has beat Penn State 14 times.

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Q: How many times has Ohio State beat Penn State?
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How many times has Ohio State beat Penn State since 1996 in college football?

6 times

How many times did Michigan beat Ohio state in the 1900s?

During the period 1900-1999, the Michigan beat Ohio State 54 times.

Who was the last top 5 team Penn State beat?

In 2005 they beat #6 Ohio State. In 2002 they beat #7 Nebraska. The last top 5 team, however, was opening weekend in 1999. They beat then #4 Arizona.

Has Penn state ever played the Florida gators?

yes, 15 times out of the 18 years for the central citrus bowl. Penn state has never beat the Florida gagtors.

Can Iowa beat penn state?

yes they can even though penn state has been to alot of rose bowls. they have beat them 3 years in arow

What team did Penn state beat in the 2007 Outback Bowl?

January 1, 2007: Penn State 20, Tennessee 10

Can Michigan beat Ohio state?


What was Ohio state vs Illinois football highest score?

Both teams: 91 points in 1980 when Ohio State won 49-42. Ohio State: 51 points in 1962 when they beat Illinois 51-15. Illinois: 46 points in 1999 when they beat Ohio State 46-20 and in 1904 when they beat Ohio State 46-0.

Who did Ohio State beat in 1969 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State beat Southern California 27-16 in the 1969 Rose Bowl.

Who won the Cotton Bowl in 1972?

Penn State beat Texas.

How many days since Michigan beat Ohio state?

How many days since Michigan beat Ohio state

Michigan state beat or lost to penn state?

Since 1993, Penn State and Michigan State play annually for the Land Grant Trophy. With Penn State's 42-14 win in 2009, Penn State has a 13-4 record against Michigan State in this rivalry. Michigan State's last win was in 2007.