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As of 2008 the Chargers have won the Raiders 10 times in a row.

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The Chargers have 14 wins over the Patriots in the regular season - most recently in 2008 - and one playoff win - the 1963 AFL Championship Game.

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13 entering the 2010 season.

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Q: How many times has Oakland Raiders beat Miami Dolphins?
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How many times has redskins been in a Super Bowl?

The Redskins have been to four Super Bowls, winning three of them against the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills and losing to the Oakland Raiders.

How many times had Peyton manning played the Oakland Raiders?

He played the Raiders twice this season

Oakland Raiders Super Bowl wins?

yes and won a couple of them SM: The Raiders have appeared in five Super Bowls and won three of them. Two wins as the Oakland Raiders and one win as the Los Angeles Raiders. They have a 3-2 record in the five Super Bowl games.

What record does Oakland Raiders have since the have been in the nfl?

franchise moved most times

How many times have the raiders moved?

Twice. They moved from Oakland to Los Angeles in 1982. After 13 years, they returned to Oakland in 1995.

How many times San Francisco 49ers beat Oakland Raiders in last decade?

14 consecutive times.

What games did Miami Dolphins win in Buffalo?

The Dolphins have won at Buffalo 25 times entering 2013.

How many times did the Oakland Raiders win the super bowl?

3 times. Super Bowl XI XV XVIII

How many AFC championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders played against each other?

The Steelers and Oakland Raiders have met three times in AFC championship games.December 29, 1974: Steelers- 24 Raiders- 13January 4, 1976: Steelers- 16 Raiders- 10December 26, 1976: Raiders- 24 Steelers- 7

What is the Oakland Raiders winning percentage?

395-333-11 54% Dark times for the Silver and Black.

How many times Buffalo Bills consecutive beat Miami Dolphins?


How many times did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Miami Dolphins?

Through 2011, the Steelers lead the regular season series versus the Miami Dolphins 12-9. The Dolphins lead the postseason series 2-1.