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Q: How many times has Oakland Raiders beat Miami Dolphins?
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How many times has redskins been in a Super Bowl?

The Redskins have been to four Super Bowls, winning three of them against the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills and losing to the Oakland Raiders.

Oakland Raiders Super Bowl wins?

the Oakland raiders won the super bowl three times

How many times has San Diego Chargers beat the Oakland Raiders in Oakland?

As of 2008 the Chargers have won the Raiders 10 times in a row.

How many times did the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Miami Dolphins in Miami?

The Steelers defeated the Dolphins in Miami six times in their history.

How many times have the Oakland Raiders won the championship?


How many times had Peyton manning played the Oakland Raiders?

He played the Raiders twice this season

How many times have the Miami Dolphins been to a championship game?

The Miami Dolphins have been to the Super Bowl five times, winning two of them.

How many times have Atlanta Falcons beaten the Miami Dolphins?

During their history the Falcons have beaten the Miami Dolphins 4 times, their record is 4-7 versus Miami.

How many times did raiders won the Super Bowl?

The Oakland Raiders have Won 3 Superbowls but they Suck still

How many Super Bowl titles do the Miami Dolphins have?

The Miami Dolphins have 2 superbowl titles as of the year 2013. They have gone to the superbowl 5 times. The Miami Dolphins where the first team ro appear at the superbowl thre consecutive times.

Did Oakland Raiders ever win the Super Bowl?

yes a bunch of times

How many times have the Miami Dolphins gone to the Super Bowl?

5 times

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