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A lot!

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Q: How many times has Mike Tyson been knocked out?
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How many times has Mike Tyson been married?

i think he has been married 5 times

How many kids does Mike Tyson have?

Mike Tyson has 8 children

How many times has Mike Tyson been married and with who?


Has Mike Tyson been knocked out by the same person twice?

He was beaten by Evander Holyfield twice, one by stoppage and once by disqualification.

How many kids did Mike Tyson have?

Tyson has been legally married three times and he had seven children with several different women

How long has Mike Tyson been pro?


Does Mike Tyson have HIV aids?

No, he does not. Mike Tyson has been a professionel boxer for several years, and in the professionel boxing world, it is required, that any boxer takes a blood test before the ring match. If mike Tyson was tested HIV positive, he would have lost his boxing license.

What crime have both Hester Prynne of the scarlet letter and Mike Tyson committed?

Hester Prynne committed adultery whereas Mike Tyson committed rape. However Tyson's second wife Monica Turner claimed when she filed a divorce that Tyson did commit adultery during their 5 year marriage that "has neither been forgiven nor condoned." Regarding Turner's allegations there has never been any evidence brought forward to prove this.

Who was the First man to beat Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson's first Amateur loss was to Ernie Bennett in November of 1981 at the Junior Olympic Heavyweight Championship in Rhode Island. Mike Tyson's first professional loss was to James "Buster" Douglass in February of 1990 in Tokyo Japan. This has been marked as the biggest surprise upset in the history of boxing and all of the sports world.

Tyson v Ali?

ali retired in 1981, and Tyson turned pro in '85 but if they had fought in their respective primes, i believe ali would have been too much for iron mike.

How many times has Floyd mayweather been knocked down?


How many times has prince naseem been knocked down?


How do you super punch for Mike Tyson punch out?

You can't! Tyson can not be compared to any boxer. His style was unique. He was ruthless, ferocious, fast, skill ful, powerful fighter, not a boxer, a fighter. That's why he was the best! His a real KO king of all times. If Lewis had fought him in his prime, he himself knows for sure, that he would have been beaten badly, may be even knocked out in the first round. The last few fights Tyson has had, he was simply fighting for money. He stopped fighting to win years ago. He blew more than 150 million pounds and has become bankrupt. People that think Lewis is a great boxer, they're wrong. He is a Pussy!! Most boxers Lewis fought, had gone well passed their peak including Tyson. Tyson is not half the fighter he was. Watch the Lewis and Tyson fight, and compare that to Tyson's earlier fights.

Who is more famous Cleopatra or Mike Tyson?

It is difficult to compare the two because of their different spheres of influence. However Cleopatra is probably more famous than Mike Tyson because 1) she's been around longer (two thousand years +) and generations have known about her. 2) Cleopatra has been and is known world wide, and 3) much myth has grown up around her. Mike Tyson is a modern celebrity. Although he's famous and well known even in non-sport circles, he does not have the aura of mystery and misconception surrounding him as does Cleo.

How many times has Manchester united been knocked out of group phase of champions league?

This is the first season they were knocked out in group stage since champions league began

What are boxing gloves worth signed by Mike Tyson?

I've done some research since I've been interested in buying a glove signed by "Iron" Mike Tyson. In excellent condition, I have found them as cheap as $250 to as expensive as over $700. The value is almost entirely subjective, as with all autographed memorabilia.

How many times has mike tomczak been married?


How many times has chuck liddell been knocked out?

On record, 2 KOs and four TKOs from strikes. In reality, he has been knocked out cold on four separate occasions, once by Rampage, Rashad, Shogun, and Franklin.

Has anyone ever been knocked out during a NHL hockey fight?

Yes very many times.

Has Floyd mayweather ever been knocked out?

No. Nor has he ever been knocked down.

How many times has mike krukow been married?


What is the sexual orientation of Mike Holmes?

Mike's straight. He has at least one son who has been on the program with him multiple times.

How many times have Algeria been in the fifa world cup?

This will be their second world cup, last time they knocked out West Germany.

Who has been knocked out the most?

Well that really depends on what you're talking about. You have guys that have records with over 200 fights (;IE Travis Fulton) Who has been knocked out, only 4 times. But I would go with Shannon Ritch, of his 60 someodd losses 16 or 17 of them are via KO

Can you test negative pregnancy test and have morning sickness?

hellllllllllllllll ya iv been knocked up 7 times trust me i know