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Twice - in 1959 and 2010.

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Every Year that March Madness has been on

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Q: How many times has Michigan made it to the Final Four?
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What teams made the final four last year?

North Carolina Michigan State Connecticut Villanova

How many times has Southern Illinois made it to the Final Four?


Did the 1964 OSU Beavers basketball make the Final Four?

No. The 1964 final four were UCLA (champion), Duke (runner-up), Kansas State, and Michigan. The Beavers were in the 1963 Final Four with Loyola of Chicago (champion), Cincinnati (runner-up), and Duke. The Beavers also made the Final Four in 1949.

How many trips to the NCAA final four have the Illini made?

That would be 5 times

How many times has Louisiana state university made a final four appearance?


How many final four appearances have the UConn men made?

13 times as of 2008

How many times have the Wake Forest Demon Deacons made it to the Final Four?

Wake Forest has only been to the Final Four one time, in 1962.

How many times have only 1 number one seeds made the final four?

2 times

How many final four appearances does Indiana have?

Purdue has made the Final Four twice, in 1969 and 1980.

Which college has the most Frozen four championships?

Michigan has made its way to the Frozen Four 24 times, with Boston College (22) and Boston University (21) close behind. Information current up to the 2011 Frozen Four.

When was Texas in the ncaa basketball final four?

The University of Texas has made the Final Four three times: 2003, 1947, 1943 They have yet to win the national championship in Division I basketball.

How many times has the university of Pittsburgh been to the final four?

The Pittsburgh Panthers have only been to the Final Four once, as of June 2014, and that was in 1941. The Panthers have made three appearances in the Elite Eight.