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Q: How many times has Manchester united beat Chelsea?
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How many times did Manchester united beat Chelsea?


How many times Chelsea beat Manchester United?

how many times cheasea have beat manchesterunited

Will Chelsea beat Manchester United this season?


How many times did Chelsea beat Man United?

6 times in man united stories as far as the football concerns

Against whom did Manchester united play when it won the champions league?

Manchester United beat Bayern Munich in 1999. Andii t also beat Chelsea in the final

Who won the champions league 2007-2008?

Manchester United beat Chelsea in the final on penalties.

Which team won the community shield 2010?

It was Manchester United they beat Chelsea 3-1

Who did Manchester United beat 9-0 with 5 goals from Andy Cole in 1995 Premiership game?

In 1995 Manchester United beat everything in the world even crushing the worlds worst team Chelsea 5-0 in what Manchester United fans voted the best game of the century. Chelsea fans, realising how stupid they were began supporting Manchester United due to their brilliance.

Who were the Last team to beat Manchester united 3-0 at old trafford?

Chelsea 2001/02

How many times have Manchester United beat Arsenal at highbury?

500 times

How many times did Manchester United beat Manchester City in 1990?

Manchester United did not beat Manchester City in 1990. The two competitive meetings between the Manchester rivals that year resulted in 1-1 and 3-3 draws.

How many times have Manchester United beat Arsenal in a row?