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Q: How many times has MTSU made an NCAA appearance?
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How many time has university of tn made an NCAA appearance?


What NCAA college basketball team has made the most tournament appearance?


How many times has UCLA made it to the NCAA Championship tournament?

They have made it to the tournament 43 times. And they have won 11 of the NCAA tournament championships.

When is the last time St. John's has made the NCAA tournament?

St. John's last appearance in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was in 2002.

Which team has the most ncaa tournament appearances without a final four appearance?

Including the 2012 NCAA Tournament: Brigham Young University has made the Tournament 28 times and has never made it to the Final Four. Missouri is second, with 26 appearances without ever making the Final Four. Xavier, which so far has won in the 2012 tournament as this is being written, is third with 22 years without an appearance.

How many times has North Carolina made the NCAA tournament?


How many NCAA tourney appearances does the Temple mens basketball team have?

Temple has made it to the NCAA Tournament 28 times.

Who made the NCAA tournament sweet sixteen five times?

Atlanta Braves

How many times have the jayhawks made the ncaa tournament?

Through 2013, the Kansas Jayhawkshave been to the NCAA men's basketball tournament42 times, fourth most of all schools.

How many trips to the NCAA final four have the Illini made?

That would be 5 times

How many times has Bulter participated in the NCAA tournament?

Through 2013, Butler University has made appearances 12 years in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Has Creighton won a NCAA men's basketball tournament?

No. They've made it to the Sweet Sixteen three times but were defeated all three times.