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six times 1230, 1300, 2006, and 3098

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Q: How many times has Lionel Messi won the soccer World Cup?
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Who has won the most ballon d'or?

Lionel Messi & Michel Platini have both won 3 times.

Is Lionel Messi greater than Cristiano Ronaldo?

Yes... Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo. Both met several times in the past, but I think that on every occasions, Messi outplayed Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi is probably the best player ever in the world of Football.Visit for a whole new world of News, Videos and Pictures on Lionel Messi.

How many games had Lionel Messi played with Argentina before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Lionel Messi had played 86 times for Argentina before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

How many times did Messi score in the 2010 World Cup?

In the 2010 world cup , Lionel Messi failed to score a single goal.

How many times has Lionel Messi won the La Liga title in football?

how many times has Lionel messi won the la liga title

Did Lionel Messi like school?

Lionel Messi the foot baller loved school because football activities were on lunch times!

Did anyone ever score 4 goals in soccer?

Recently, Lionel Messi scored four times against Arsenal in the EUFA Champions League

How many times has Lionel Messi get carded?


What does Lionel messi in his free times?

read's books

Why is mesut ozil not the best soccer player?

The best soccer player is more opinion, the general soccer world have obviously thought that Lionel Messi is the best, as he has won the Ballon d'or 4 times. (Ballon d'or is the prize given to the player who is thought to be best in the world. Although you may conceive Ozil to be better than Messi in some areas like passing etc, obviously Messi isn't the greatest defender as he plays upfront.

Who is the Soccer player with most goal in the world?

Im pretty sure its Lionel Messi hes my fav player but he was voted best forward of the year and best player of the year 2 times so yeah

How many times did Lionel Messi get injured?

I believe it is six but I'm not sure.