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Q: How many times has Floyd mayweather been knocked down?
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Has Floyd mayweather ever been knocked out?

No. Nor has he ever been knocked down.

Does Floyd mayweather party?

Yes, Floyd Mayweather does go out and party. He has been photographed at many parties over the years.

Has Floyd maywether ever been knock down?

no Floyd Mayweather has never been down

What's going on between 50 cent and Floyd mayweather?

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have been at odds for several years. It started when Mayweather didn't pay 50 after services 50 set up for him.

How long has Floyd mayweather been champion?

He's been a Pro fighter for 17 years and a world champion for 15 years. He stands alone.

Mayweather vs pacquiao?

It would be an exciting fight because mayweather is a good counter puncher and pacquiao has 5-6 combination round bursts. Mayweather has never been under that kind of pressure before for twelve straight round but it either going to be a Floyd mayweather UD of pacquiao KO if it does happen.

Will Floyd Mayweather fight Logan Paul?

Itโ€™s still up in the air as to whether or not this high-profile match between boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul will actually take place, but Paul has been openly vocal about wanting to fight Mayweather, who has yet to officially respond to the request.

Who is the Worlds best pound for pound boxer?

Floyd "Money" Mayweather because he doesn't use steroids.......Manny is good, but he can't last with Mayweather....SORRY!:D - to the one who answered this shut your f*cking as*. You're like Floyd Mayweather hiding in her mothers skirt! hahahaha NO Muhammad Ali has a record of 61 fights and has lost 5 But!!! Geoge Foreman has been in 81 fights and lost 5 so do the math! Hes the best!!!!!!! -No one can't really say who's the best pound for pound boxer, until Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pac settle it in the ring...So we can't really say either one of these boxer are the best...

Who is better miguel cotto or Floyd mayweather?

We will never find out because Mayweather is and always has been the most protected fighter throughout his career. You can catch it live in High Definition on the net. (see related link below) We will also have it ON DEMAND after the fight! Also they have way different fighting styles. This answer is controvertial because you are relying on oppinion. Even the site recommendation is oppinion. And the reference Styles isn't answering this question. I have read boxing deeply for years and what I know is that Floyd Mayweather is a respected, "real article", if you will. As of this entry (01-22-10) Floyd Mayweather will be considered the Superior boxer because he has maintained the edge on his record, and Cotto has not.

How many times has Mike Tyson been knocked out?

A lot!

Who is the highest paid athlete ever in the world?

It is difficult to determine the amount that an athlete has been paid. However, Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather have made as much as $100 million in a single year.

How many times has prince naseem been knocked down?


Has Floyd mayweather ever been on the canvas?

No but he was against Zab Judah but the referee didn't rule it as a knockdown. One of his hand touched the canvas but other than dat nobody in his entire career has been able to put him on the canvas because he is so hard to hit.

How many times has Manchester united been knocked out of group phase of champions league?

This is the first season they were knocked out in group stage since champions league began

How many times has chuck liddell been knocked out?

On record, 2 KOs and four TKOs from strikes. In reality, he has been knocked out cold on four separate occasions, once by Rampage, Rashad, Shogun, and Franklin.

Has anyone ever been knocked out during a NHL hockey fight?

Yes very many times.

How many times have Algeria been in the fifa world cup?

This will be their second world cup, last time they knocked out West Germany.

Who has been knocked out the most?

Well that really depends on what you're talking about. You have guys that have records with over 200 fights (;IE Travis Fulton) Who has been knocked out, only 4 times. But I would go with Shannon Ritch, of his 60 someodd losses 16 or 17 of them are via KO

Can Floyd mayweather beat manny?

Yes to be honest I think he can, Manny has been exposed by tactical counter punchers such as marquez. Goes off balance every now and then. Sometimes gets wild and throws random punches. He has looked impressive fightning guys that were weight drained or coming from losses or bad performances. Most of those guys were bigger slower guys willing to brawl with pacquiao. But guys that aren't willing to brawl like marquez frustrate Manny and get him off his game. Manny is a 1 dimensional fighter,boxes in a straight line. Open for counter punches. Floyd Mayweather is the best counter puncher out there. I'm sure he would expose Manny Pacquiao if they would ever meet if marquez almost did/can. Floyd has been in close fight and all. But hasn't been exposed like the way marquez does. His technical brilliance will constantly find errors in Manny and adjust. I think the beggining ill be close but Floyd Will find the weakness and operate like a surgent And most likely win by UD in my point of view.

Can you test negative pregnancy test and have morning sickness?

hellllllllllllllll ya iv been knocked up 7 times trust me i know

How many times has Danny Green been knocked out in his career?

twice so iif he gets one more he cant play anymore

When was Margam Castle knocked down?

Margam Castle has never been knocked down or invaded.

Who Has glen Johnson been knocked out by?

He was stopped by technical knockout by Bernard Hopkins, but never actually knocked out.

Has the Great Wall of China been knocked down?

Some bits of the great wall of China have been knocked down but there are vast lengths which are still in good condition.

Has BJ penn ever been knocked out?