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Q: How many times has Florida state beat Alabama in a college football game?
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Who leads the Alabama VS Florida State series in college football?

Alabama leads 2-1-1

What are current college football standings?

Current college football standings are: Alabama in first place, Oregon, Ohio state, Notre Dame, Georgia, Texas A&M, Standford, South Carolina, Florida, Florida State, Clemson.

Has Alabama ever beat Florida State in football?

No, never have beat Florida State!

What is the record of Oklahoma State vs Alabama in football?

College Football

What is the name of the Alabama state college football team?

Alabama Crimson Tide

What year did Florida State beat Alabama in football?


When the last time florida state beat alabama in football?

Alabama and Florida State have met four times. The all-time series record is 3-0-1 Alabama, as the September 29, 2007 victory by Florida State was later vacated due to NCAA rule violations. Officially, Florida State has never beaten Alabama.

What state has the most college football championships?

Alabama. The University of Alabama has 12 National Championships

How many times have Ohio state and Alabama played in college football and who has the most wins?

Alabama and Ohio State have met three times with Alabama winning all three games (1978 Sugar Bowl, 1986 regular season, 1995 Florida Citrus Bowl).

What college usaully has a great football team?

Alabama, LSU, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Auburn, Florida State, USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Texas Oklahoma, Oregon, and Nebraska.

What years did Florida State University beat Alabama university in football?


What teams belong to ACC College Football?

gerogia state and alabama

What state has 4 consecutive college football national titles?


Oldest black college football classic?

Black college football "classics" were conceived in 1924 when Alabama State College and Tuskegee Institute met in the first-ever Turkey Day Classic in Montgomery, Alabama.

What state has 3 consecutive college football national titles?

The State of Alabama. 2009 Alabama, 2010 Auburn, 2011 Alabama.

Who is the Florida gators biggest rivals in college football?

Florida state, georgia, and miami

What college did Burt Reynolds played football at?

He played football at Florida State University.

What state are most college football players from?

California or Florida

Which College Football Program has the lowest GPA?

Florida State

What are the top 25 ranks in college football?

Alabama Ohio state your punks

Where to play junior college football in Florida?

No where! Unfortunately, Florida does not have JUCO football. The closest JUCO football program to Florida is Georgia Military College and Louisburg College in North Carolina. I would be a blessing to all Florida high school prospects that don't meet the NCAA D1 qualifications to have JUCO football in the state of Florida. Somebody please, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

What is the all time record between Florida state and Michigan State for mens' football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Florida State and Michigan State have met twice (in 1987 and 1988) and Florida State won both games.

What state has won back to back national championships in football with different schools?

Florida and Alabama

Did burt Reynolds play college football?

yes, for Florida state

Where did CB Bryant McFadden play college football?

Florida State