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not a single euro

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England has zero championships.

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Q: How many times has England won the Euro cup since its inception?
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How many times did England win the euro cup?

They have never won it!

How many times did vassel score for England?

Darius Vassell has scored for England a total of 6 times internationally, once in a Euro 2004 Qualifier, and 5 times in International Friendlies

Is Euro kids in England?

No. Euro means a sighn for money.

Where was euro 1996 held?

Euro 1996 was held in England.

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I think that England shouldn't have the Euro because its our own thing and we want to kept our unique identity!

Did England ever won Euro?


How will England get on at euro 2012?

They will win it

Where was Euro 96 held?


What is the name of the Portugal currency?

The currency of Portugal is the Euro. This has been the currency since 2002.

What does an English euro look like?

England doesn't use Euro. They use pounds.

Why is England not playing in Euro 2008?

because England didn't qualify

Is UK self-reliant or dependent on other countries?

england etc. is both. They aren't part of the Euro but are part of the Commonwealth. Even though the Euro don't 'have anything to do' with England, that isn't totally true. They need the Euro and if the Euro fails so will Uk