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14 , 13 in the regular season, one in the playoffs

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Q: How many times has Ed Reed scored a touchdown?
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How many points is a touchdown in the NFL?

Six points are scored for a touchdown.

How many Super Bowls have there been that no team scored a touchdown?

There has yet to be a Super Bowl where neither team scored a touchdown, but in Super Bowl VI the Miami Dolphins failed to score a touchdown and lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-3. Also, in Super Bowl III, the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts only scored one touchdown each, and the final score was 16-7, Jets.

Who has the record for longest interception return for a touchdown and how many yards was it?

Ed Reed,108 yards against the Eagles.

How many touchdowns were scored by Tom Brady in Super Bowl 36?

He threw a single touchdown to David Patten

How many touchdowns has Peyton Manning scored this year?

Peyton himself has not scored a touchdown, but he has passed to various receivers for a total of, i believe, 22 td passes. What ^ said.

How many points are scored for a touchdown in America Football?

Six. When it comes to points after a touchdown, an extra point adds one to the score. A successful two-point conversion adds two. If a touchdown wins a game in overtime, there is no extra-point attempt.

How many times sachin scored 100?

100 times

How many touchdown did Adrian Peterson make in 2005?

With Oklahoma University, Adrian Peterson scored a total of 14 TDs in 2005.

How many times has martin brodeur scored a goal?

2 times

How many times 400 scored by teams in odi?

9 times

How many times have manunited scored arsenal?


How many times does the cannon fire when the buccaneers score a touchdown?

Six :) go lions

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