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Q: How many times has David Beckham appeared for England as a substitute?
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What is David Beckham's nationality?

David Beckham was born in England he is a BritishCitizen.

How many goles did David Beckham score for England?

David Beckham has scored 12 goals for England.

What is the Nationality of Man United David Beckham?

The Nationality of Man United's David Beckham is England.

How many caps has David Beckham won for England?

David Beckham has over 107 caps.

Is David Bekam Italian?

No, David Beckham is not Italian. He is originally from England.

How caps has beckham got?

David Beckham has 107 caps for England.

Which managers have played with David Beckham?

david beckham has played with the England manger who waves and hits his arms off things when England loses!

Does David Beckham play soccer for England or US?


What is David Beckham's England number?

it is 7

Who is the richest footballer in England?

David Beckham

When was David Beckham born?

David Beckham was born on May 2, 1975

What are David Beckham's grandparents called?

David Beckham's paternal grandparents were Doris May Hamilton and Aubrey Edward Jack Beckham. David was born in 1975 in Leytonstone, London, England.