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Chris Jericho has won the world title 6 times.

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Q: How many times has Chris Jericho won the world title?
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Who beat chris Jericho 4 tha werld title?

triple h beat chris jericho for the world title

WILL THE undertaker get a world heavyweight championship rematch against world heavyweight champion chris Jericho?

he didnt because he faced Shawn michaels at wrestlemania and then chris Jericho lost the title when jack swagger cashed in the money in the bank

How many times has Chris Jericho been world champion?

Jericho is a 6 time champ 9 time intercontinental champ

Who retained the wordheaviweight title at WrestleMania 26?

chris Jericho retained his world heavy weight title by deafeting edge chris got his belt and hit edge with it when the ref was knocked out but when the ref got up Jericho ran at egde and codebreakerd him and chris won but after the match edge spered chris through the barrier.......

How many times has Chris Jericho been the world heavy weight champion?

Chris Jericho has won the World Heavyweight Champion 3 times. His latest World Heavyweight Champion win was inside a Elimination Chamber and he won that from The Undertaker after a interference from Shawn Michaels.

Is chris Jericho 16 time world champion?


Where does Chris Jericho live right now?

Chris Jericho resides in Clearwater, Florida when not around the world doing his job wrestling in the wwe.

Was chris Jericho the world heavy wseight champion?

Yes He was

Who is world heavy weight champion of WWE?

chris jericho.

Who won the world heavyweight championship in the elimination chamber2010?

Chris Jericho.

After the Elmination Chamber who wil be the world heavyweight champion?

chris Jericho

Who are the World Tag Team Champions?

Chris Jericho & The Big Show

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