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45 game winning drives

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Q: How many times has Brett favre thrown an interception in an attempt in a game winning drive?
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What NFL teams has Brett Favre not thrown an interception to?

Pittsburg steelers

What quarterback have thrown 5 interception in a game?

i don't realy know but i hope it was not the bears

What is Brett Favre's touchdown to interception ratio?

Through the 2007 season, Favre has thrown 442 TDs and 288 INTs for a touchdown to interception ratio of 1.53 (to 1).

Was Brett Favre's Last throw as an Atlanta Falcon an interception?


What 3 quarterbacks has thrown the most interceptions?

Top three interception leaders are : Brett Favre, George Blanda, and John Hadl. Close behind them are Fran Tarkenton and Vinny Testaverde

Was Brett Favre's first throw an interception?

Yes. Farve's first NFL pass was an interception that Andre Collins of the Washington Redskins ran back 15 yards for a touchdown. Click on the 'Brett Favre First NFL Pass' link below to see a tape of the play.

How many miles has Brett Favre thrown for?


What accompishments did Brett Favre get?

winning the superbowl

Was Brett Favre's last pass for the Atlanta Falcons an interception?

Very possibly. He only threw 4 passes as a Falcon, and 2 were intercepted. His first ever pass was an interception; so the other interception must have come on one of the three remaining passes.

When is the last time Brett Favre didn't throw an interception?

God only knows, he should have left when he had his pride

Who is the quarterback has thrown more interceptions this year?

Brett favre

Who has thrown the most TD passes in their career?

Brett Farve, 499