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Q: How many times has Brazil played in the final of the World Cup football final?
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How many times have Brazil played in the final of the world cup football tournament?

the answer is 7

Which two football teams played in the 1962 world cup final?

Brazil and Czechoslovakia. Brazil won 3-1.

Who has played in the most World Cup final?

India and Australia have both played 9 world cups in Cricket. In football Brazil has played the most by playing 19 World cups!

How many times has Uruguay won the football world cup?

2. In 1930, the first FIFA World Cup, it was played in Uruguay and in 1950 in Brazil. In the second one won the final againt Brazil (local team) and that match is known as "the Maracanazo" because it was played in the Maracaná Stadium and Brazil was the favorite team to win that final.

Which country has played Brazil twice in a world cup final?


Which countries played in the 2002 world cup final?

Germany and Brazil

Who won the football world cup in 1962?

Brazil, beating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final.

Who played the 1994 World Cup finals?

Brazil and Italy played in the 1994 fifa world cup final. Brazil won the 1994 fifa world cup.

How many time Netherlands vs Brazil meet in world cup final?

Brazil has played the Netherlands several times but never during a world cup final.

What is the biggest defeat for Brazil in football history?

Germany 7, Brazil 1 (at Belo Horizonte, Brazil) in Semi Final, FIFA World Cup 2014

How many times has Brazil qualified for the football world cup final?

Brazil have qualified for each world cup since 1930 . a total of 18 times.

Which country won the football world cup at 2002?

Brazil as they beat Germany 2-0 in the final.

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