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Barcelona and Manchester United have played against each other eleven times total. Both teams have been fairly equally matched.

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Q: How many times has Barcelona and Manchester united played against each other?
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Was Barcelona b or FC Barcelona that played against Manchester united?

Fc Barcelona

Who has Played for Manchester united and Barcelona?

Gerard Pique

Was it Barcelona's first match against Manchester United in this year's UEFA?


Are Barcelona better than Manchester united?

Barcelona are far better then Manchester United.

How many trophies has Barcelona won and that of Manchester?

Barcelona won Manchester united 10 times and Manchester united won Barcelona 11

Which players played for both Manchester united and Barcelona?

It was Jody Cruiff.

Which players have played for Manchester united and Barcelona and Chelsea?

mark hughes

Who has played for Manchester United FC Chelsea and Barcelona?

Mark Hughes

Has a player ever played for Manchester united Barcelona and real Madrid?


Is Manchester city fc?

Manchester city FC are a highly trained football team.There Biggest rivals, Manchester united, are a big team who played in the finals against Barcelona FC.The final result was 3-1 to Barcelona FC.

Manchester United Played Against Manchester City?

Of course they have!

Which Manchester United player became a Barcelona coach?

I believe Patrick O'Connell played for Manchester United and Managed Barcelona in the early 1960's, late 1950's. He also played for Ireland

Who has henrick larsson played for?

He has plaid mainly for Celtic, Barcelona, Manchester United.

Which players have played for Chelsea FC Manchester United and Barcelona?

It is Mark Hughes.

Name Manchester united goalkeeper that played for Barcelona?

Manuel Neuer was the old keeper that moved from barcelone to Manchester united he was from Germany.

What team won the UEFA league in 2009?

Barcelona of Spain. The game was Barcelona VS Manchester United, where Barcelona won 2-0: Eto and Messi scored. Barcelona played much better than Manchester United and they deserved it.

Who played for Manchester United and Barcelona?

There are a few mark Hughes, jodi Cruiff, the son of Johan Cruiff, Gerrard Pique, Henrik Larson and Lauren Blanc. Have all played for Manchester United as well as Barcelona.

Which Football players have played for 3 clubs including Manchester united Chelsea Liverpool or Barcelona?

Mark Hughes played for Man United, Chelsea and Barcelona. Bolo Zenden played for Chelsea, Barcelona and Liverpool

FA Cup Final 2009?

It was Barcelona with a 2-0 score against Manchester United

Which team has won most between Barcelona and Manchester united?

Manchester United.

Who won more cups between Manchester united and Barcelona?

manchester united

Barcelona Football Club and Manchester united who has more trophies?

Here Barcelona have won more trophies then Manchester United.

Who has played for Barcelona and Manchester united?

The Swedish striker Henrik Larson played for both Barcelona and Manchester United, as did the Welsh striker Mark Hughes. Gerard Pique also played for both clubs as did Jordi Cruyff and Laurent Blanc.

What teams played the EVEFA Champions League Final?

In 2011, Barcelona and Manchester United

Who has won more trophies Barcelona Football Club or Manchester United fc?

Barcelona have won more trophies then Manchester United.