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Once, the 1996 Summer Olympics.

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Q: How many times has Atlanta hosted the Olympics?
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How many times has US hosted summer Olympics?

I believe they have hosted the summer Olympics four times and hosted Olympics 8 times in all. The US has hosted 4 summer Olympics. 1904- St. Louis 1932- Los Angeles 1984- Los Angeles 1996- Atlanta

How many times has Peru hosted the Olympics?

Peru had never hosted the Olympics.

How many times has Scotland hosted the Olympics?

Scotland has never hosted the Olympics.

How many times has the US hosted the Winter Olympics?

the USA has hosted the winter Olympics 8 times

How many times has russia hosted the Olympics?

Once. Moscow hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics.

How many times have Slovakia hosted the winter Olympics?

Slovakia has never hosted the Winter Olympics.

How many times has Poland hosted the Olympics?

Poland never hosted any summer or winter olympics.

How many times has Paris hosted the Olympics?

2 times

How many times have India hosted the Olympics?


How many times have Fiji hosted the Olympics?


How many times have Jamaica hosted the Olympics?


How many times has Quatar hosted the Olympics?


How many times has Vancouver hosted the Olympics?

Vancouver has never hosted the Olympics before the ones they are currently holding.

Australia has hosted the Summer Olympics how many times?

Australia has hosted the Summer Olympics twice. Melbourne hosted the Games in 1956 and Sydney hosted them in 2000.

How many times have Chile hosted the Olympics?

Chile has held 0 Olympics

How many times has Australia co hosted the Olympics?

9 times

How many times has Asia hosted the winter Olympics?

2 times

How many times has Portugal hosted the Olympics?

Portugal has never hosted the Olympic Games.

How many times have Atlanta hosted the Super Bowl?


How many cities have hosted the Olympics 3 times?


How many times has China hosted the Olympics?

Once in 2008.

How many times has New Zealand hosted the Olympics?


How many Olympics has the United states hosted?

8 times.

How many times has the uk hosted the olympics?

this is the 3rd time.

How many times has Greece hosted Olympics?

Twice. 1896 and 2004 summer Olympics.