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I remember it twice but it could be five times , each time it was sold they might have changed the badge.

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Q: How many times has Aston Villa Changed it's badge?
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Has Aston vila be relegated before?

Aston villa has been relegate 4 times from top flight football and 5 times in general.

How many times has villa won the world cup?

Aston villa can only win the E.p.l and not the world cup.

When did Liverpool beat Aston Villa 3-1 at Villa Park?

Liverpool have beat Aston Villa 3 times 3 - 1 at Villa Park, these took place on ;Friday 20th January, 1984,Saturday 8th December, 1979,Saturday 5th April, 1913.

Is Aston villa better than chealsea?

the teams have played 136 games and have both won each other 52 times. Aston villa won the European cup first and have better records in other cups but it is very close

Have won the European cup but not the premiership?

Liverpool - 5 times Nottingham Forest - twice Aston Villa - once

Who is better Aston villa or man city?

No! History wise no. Aston Villa have won more trophies over the years than Chelsea. Aston Villa have won the European cup before Chelsea, more top flight division trophies and League cups. However Chelsea have won the same amount of FA cups as Aston Villa but Chelsea have been in the final more times that Villa which means Villa were more consistent in the FA cup finals than Chelsea. Aston Villa are a bigger club than Chelsea. Today Chelsea have the better team over Villa, but you can say that Chelsea Buy their way through football, meaning they are a money club unlike Villa who are more traditional.

How many times have Wolverhampton Wanderers beaten Newcastle United in the Premier League?

Aston villa have won against Birmingham city 46 times.

How many times has villa beat blues?

Aston are better than Birmingham City,theyve never been relagated from the premiership. And have won more honours.

Stoke compared to Aston Villa who has won more?

Historically, Aston Villa have won far more than Stoke City. Taking just the two biggest competitions, Aston Villa have won the top league, now known as the Premier League, on 7 occasions. The have also won the FA Cup 7 times. Stoke City have never won any of those. Stoke have won lots of lesser competitions, like lower league and cup titles. Aston Villa won the European Cup in 1982, which would be now known as the Champions League, the most prestigious competition for soccer clubs in Europe.

How many times have Liverpool Football Club won the cup?

They have won the league cup, in its various forms, 8 times. Aston Villa are next with 5, ahead of Spurs with 4 (including 2008).

How many times did Chelsea beat Aston Villa in the 2009-10 season?

In the three competitive fixtures between the two teams in the 2009-10 season, Aston Villa won the first game 2 - 1, and Chelsea won the second and the third, 7 - 1 and 0 - 3 respectively. Their three-goal triumph came in the FA Cup semi-final.

What time do Aston villa start their training days?

score own goals and bad defending with alex mcliesh