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5 times with USC leading the series 4-1. The two teams last met in 2006.

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Q: How many times has Arkansas played Southern Cal in football?
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How many times has Arkansas played Notre Dame in football?

Notre Dame has played and beatin Arkansas 7 times and holds the series 7-0

How many times has Arkansas played Ohio state in football?


How many times has Mississippi State played Southern Mississippi in football?

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How many times have the Arkansas Razorbacks played the Wisconsin Badgers in Football?

Twice ... in 1912 and the 2007 Capital One Bowl. Wisconsin won both games.

How many times has Arkansas won the national championship in football?

Once, in 1964

How many times have the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Texas Longhorns played each other in football?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Texas leads the series 55-21-0.

How many times have the Arkansas Razorbacks and Alabama Crimson Tide played?

As of the 2008 season, Arkansas and Alabama have played 18 times and Alabama leads the series 10-8.

Has Arkansas razorback football team ever been ranked?

yes they have been ranked many times.

What is the longest NCAA Division 1A college football game in history?

In 2003, Arkansas beat Mississippi 58 to 56 in seven overtimes. The game had been tied 17-17 after four quarters. This has actually happened three times: 10/7/2006: Florida International and North Texas played to a 25-22 final with North Texas winning 11/1/2003: Arkansas and Kentucky played to a 71-63 final with Arkansas winning 11/3/2001: Arkansas and Mississippi played to a 58-56 final with Arkansas winning

What team has the most wins against notre dame?

In football through the 2009 season, Southern California with 34. Southern California and Notre Dame have met 81 times. The only team Notre Dame has played more times is Navy (83).

How many times have South Carolina and southern cal played football against each other?

Twice (1980 and 1983 regular season) with both teams winning once.

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Arkansas Times was created in 1978.

How many times have the Florida gators and Michigan wolverines played football?

they have not played

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Soccer is played 100 times more!

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Football in the medieval times was played in between the opposing towns. The aim was to get the pig's bladder passed the markers, or to throw over the other town's church.

How many times has Scotland played England in international football?

a hundred and ten times

How many times have Arkansas and Oklahoma played in football?

in 15 with Oklahoma leading the series 10-4-1. The two teams have met only three times since 1926, all in bowl games, with the last meeting being the 2002 Cotton Bowl.

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