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3 times in which the football team was somehow involved

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Q: How many times has Alabama been on probation for football?
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How many times has the university of Alabama been on probation?


How many times has Alabama been on ncaa probation?

Twice Actually 5 times.

Is the Alabama crimson tide football program put on probation this year?

Yes, the University of Alabama has been put on probation for 3 years as a result of textbook violations.

How many times has University of Texas football been on probation?


What years has Auburn football been on probation?


Which team has beaten Alabama the most?

Entering the 2010 season, in football, that is the University of Tennessee who has beaten the Tide 38 times (Alabama has won 46 times and there has been 7 ties).

How many times has Auburn University football program been on probation?

6 times starting with the 1957 team that was awarded a championship by the AP poll but didn't attend a bowl owing to probation. All of Auburns national championships awarded by any organization have been with teams under some form of probation.

How many times has Alabama been in the SEC championships in football?

As of 2009, Alabama has WON the SEC championship 22 times. Second is Tennessee with 13 wins. Not sure how many times they've been in the championship game, but they have won / been the champion 22 times. ROLL TIDE!

How many Alabama football players have been arrested?


How many times has Kentucky been on probation?

to many to count

How many times has eminem been to jail?

Never, hes been on probation twice.

Has Alabama football team ever been shutout?

notre dame shut out alabama in the early 80's

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