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Aaron Rodgers has won MVP two times. Aaron Rodgers is the ninth player to win multiple NFL MVP awards.

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Q: How many times has Aaron Rodgers won MVP?
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Who was the 2010- 2011 NFL MVP?

Aaron Rodgers

Who won 2011 NFL MVP?

Aaron Rodgers

Who is Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron rodgers is the current starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. He is also the current Super bowl MVP.

Who will win NFL mvp?

Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes 2020-2021

Who was the mvp of super bowl XLV?

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

Who was the 2011 Super Bowl MVP?

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

Who was the packers quarterback in 2001?

Aaron Rodgers. He was also MVP

How many super bowls has aaron rogers won?

Aaron Rodgers has won 1 Super Bowl, Super Bowl 45. He was also Super Bowl 45 MVP.

How many times did Hank Aaron win the MVP?

Once in 1957

How many Superbowl's have Aaron Rodger's won?

Aaron Rodgers has won one Super Bowl. He was named Super Bowl XLV MVP for his performance in Super Bowl XLV, which Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers won 31-25, against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who won superbowl 45?

Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburg Steelers. 25-31. Aaron Rodgers won MVP.

Who was the top NFL quarterback in 2011?

In 2011, Drew Brees threw for the most yards (5,476), but Aaron Rodgers won the AP NFL MVP award.

Who will be the 2010 NFL mvp?

Aaron Rodgers because A.R. had back-to-back 4000 yrd. seasons and guess how many years he's been a starter TWO. Also he only has about 20 int. CAREER

Is Aaron Rodgers good?

With 300 yards and the MVP award in the most recent Super bowl, I think I am inclided to say is that he is better than your average starting quarterback.

When did Hank Aaron get his MVP award?

Hank Aaron won the 1957 National Legue MVP Award.

What is Aaron Rodgers favorite fast food?

Rodgers hasn't given any interviews on this subject (as far as I could find). He has been seen at The Habit, a burger joint, and he co-owned 8 Twelve MVP Bar & Grill, so it's safe to say that he's a fan of burgers.

What year was Aaron Rodgers drafted?

He was selected in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Packers. After backing up Brett Favre for the first three years of his NFL career, Rodgers became the Packers' starting quarterback in 2008. In 2010, he led them to a victory in Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning the Super Bowl MVP.

How many MVP did Joe Montana win?

AP MVP award: 2 times. Super bowl MVP award: 3 times.

How many times did Duke Snider win the MVP?

He never won the MVP

How many times has a player or teammates won the regular season MVP and the Super Bowl MVP?

3 times

Who won the MVP of Super Bowl you and II?

Aaron Rangers was the MVP of the Super Bowl

How many times has Shaquille O'Neal won the mvp award?

7 times total: 2000 NBA MVP,3-time NBA finals MVP,and 3-time all-star MVP

Who is the best quarterback since 2009 season?

Hands down Aaron Rodgers, he has had a great last 3 seasons in the NFL. This 2010-2011 season has been his best and should win the MVP award. My Top 3 quarterbacks since the 2009 season: 1- Aaron Rodgers 2- Peyton Manning 3- Drew Brees

How many times has Dwyane Wade won mvp in the finals?

Dwayne Wade has won mvp in the finals 8 times

How many times did Kirby Puckett win the MVP?

Puckett never won the MVP.