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He played the Raiders twice this season

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Q: How many times had Peyton manning played the Oakland Raiders?
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What professional football teams has Peyton Manning played for?

Peyton Manning had played only for the Indianapolis Colts.

Who is a better quarterback Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

I would probaly say Peyton Manning because he is older and has played longer. Peyton Manning rocks!!:]

What teams have Peyton Manning played for?

Peyton Manning played for the University of Tennessee in college and is currently with the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL.

What years did Bob Cook play for the Oakland Raiders?

he never played for the oakland raiders!

What year did bob cook play for the Oakland Raiders?

he never played for the Oakland Raiders!

What college did NFL player Peyton Manning play for?

NFL player Peyton Manning played for Tennessee.

Have Eli Manning and Peyton Manning ever played each other in a Super Bowl?

No. As of February 2014, Eli and Peyton Manning have not played each other in a Super Bowl.

Where did Peyton Manning start his NFL career at?

Peyton Manning has played his entire career so far with the Indianapolis Colts.

Did Peyton Manning Every Play For The Dallas Cowboys?

Peyton Manning has only played for the Colts his entire NFL career.

How long has Peyton Manning played football for the Indianapolis Colts?

This upcoming 2010 season will be Peyton Manning's 12th in the league

How many games has Peyton Manning played in?


Did a man named Arland Green ever play for the Oakland Raiders?

There is no information that states Arland Green played for the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders is a professional NFL team.

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