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Assuming that you are talking about an Outdoor Track, one lap is 400m. So since 500 YARDS ~ 457.2m means that

457.2/400 =

1.143 laps

(If you meant 500m it would be 1.25 laps)

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12.5 laps around a standard outdoor track is 5000 meters. One lap of a standard track is 400 meters.

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About One and One Quarter Laps.

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Q: How many times do you run around the track to equal 500 yards?
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1 mile is equal to?

One mile is equal to: 5,280 feet, 1,760 yards, 1,609 kilometers, or in my city's tracks it's 4 times around the track.

880 yards is how many times around a running track?

2 and then some. what the time for 880 yards

What does 4 yards times 4 yards equal?

16 yards

How many yards in one lap around a standard track and field track?

440 yards (America)

How many yards around the football track?


Is 2 miles equal to 352 yards?

No. Instead, 352 yards equal 0.2 miles. Two miles equal 3520 yards (which is ten times 352 yards).

How many times must one run around the standard quarter-mile track to travel 1 kilometer?

Exactly 2.5 laps on a 400m track and 2.49 laps for a 440 yards track.

Is 400 yards a half mile?

No. A mile is 1760 yards so 1/2 mile is 880. Hint: A normal "track" is 440 (or 1/4 mile), so two times around the track is 1/2 mile.

How far around the track is 1 lap?

Around a normal track is approximately 1/4 mile (440 yards, 400 meters). Around a normal track is approximately 1/4 mile (440 yards, 400 meters).

What is the length and width of a football felid with a track around it?

50 yards wide and 120 yards long.

How many time do you have to walk around a football field to walk a mile?

The tracks around a football field are typically designed to be a quartermile track, meaning 4 times around gives you a mile. If you walk around the outside edge of a standard US Football field, (120 yards by 53 1/3 yards wide) it is just over 5 times around to equal 1760 yards, or one mile.

Is 3 miles bigger than 400 yards?

Yes. Three miles equal 5280 yards, over ten times that length. 400 yards equal 0.22727 miles.