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Q: How many times do you have to around a field in 400m?
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How many times around an outdoor track is a 4x100meter relay?

Well if its your typical 400m track, then 4 times.

How many times around a track is 1500m?

24 times around a 400m track. 25 laps=10,000m 10km=6.2 miles

How many times do you have to run around the track if you run in the outside lane to go 400m?

Try it and find out.

How many injuries Cathy freeman had?

She has won many times, once in the 400m at the Olympics.

How many times do you have to jog around a soccer field to make 6 killometers?

Around a soccer field means 400 meters. So essentially you would have to go around the field 15 times to reach 6 kms.

How many times around a track is 1000 meters?

1,000 meters = 0.621371 mile = 4.971 furlongs (rounded)

How many time around a football field make 4 miles?

16 times around a football field is the same as 4 miles.

How many laps in lane 7 equals a mile?

well lets see. on a 400m track every lane out is an extra 40m. 4 laps on a 400m track is a mile. so 6m times 40m is 240m. so one lap around a 400m track in lane 7 would be 640m. a mile is 1609m. 640m goes into 1609 meters 2.5640625 times. 2 and a half laps is a mile in lane 7.

How many laps make a 3000 meter race in track?

That's only about three quarters of one straightaway

How many meters is one soccer field?

An athletics track is 400m round in lane 1.

How many times must one run around the standard quarter-mile track to travel 1 kilometer?

Exactly 2.5 laps on a 400m track and 2.49 laps for a 440 yards track.

How many kms equals 30 times around a running track?

A standard track is 400m 25 laps is 10,000m=6.2mi 4 laps is approximately 1 mile. 30 laps is about 7.5 miles