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how long is the track? at mine it is 4 times.

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Q: How many times do you go around the track to equal a mile in lane 6?
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How many times around the track is it in the seventh lane to equall a mile?

4 it dosent matter what lane it is

If 4 times around a track equals one fourth of a mile then how many miles is it when you walk around 12 times?

4 times around an outdoor track in lane one is equal to 1600m which is 9.34m short of one mile. 12 laps= 4800m=2.9825miles

How many times do you have to run around the track if you run in the outside lane to go 400m?

Try it and find out.

How many laps on the outside lane of a track equal a mile?


How many miles in an oval outdoor field track in lane 6 if you walk around 20 times?

5 miles four laps is equal to 1 mile 20/4=5

Is there a difference in mileage inlane 1 versus lane 8?

Yes, because in lane 1 from the very beginning is 1 mile exactly, 4 times around the track that is. While if you ran the whole thing in lane 8, 4x around the track, you'd just be running even further.

How many miles in an oval outdoor field track in lane 4?

The standard college and high school track for competition is 400 meters. It takes almost four trips around the track to equal one mile.

What lane is 1 mile around a running track?

If it's marked correctly any lane will work

How many laps in lane 7 equals a mile?

well lets see. on a 400m track every lane out is an extra 40m. 4 laps on a 400m track is a mile. so 6m times 40m is 240m. so one lap around a 400m track in lane 7 would be 640m. a mile is 1609m. 640m goes into 1609 meters 2.5640625 times. 2 and a half laps is a mile in lane 7.

In track and field what is the inside lane of the track called?

The inside lane is called lane one.

What are the dimensions of a 6 lane track?

how wide is a 6 lane track

How many miles is it if you do 4 times around the outside lane?

4 times around the outside lane is 1 mile.

How far around a running track in lane 2?

A little more than 400 meters. To be more precise, the line you run around in a track which has an inside lane of 400 metres, and lane width of 1.27 metres including one lane marking, is 407.980 metres.

What is the distance around a 400 meter track in the outside lane?

It depends upon how many lanes there are. Is the outside lane 8 or lane 7?

How many laps on a high school 8 lane track equal a mile?

4 laps :-)

How long is each lane in a standard Olympic-sized track?

From the staggered start, it is 400 meters around. The stagger is calculated by subtracting the extra distance one goes around a wider diameter. For each lane it is double the lane width (which in the Olympics is 1.22m) times pi. for each additional lane.

How many miles is an out door field track in lane 4?

An average track is 400m around. As you increase to each lane, it adds around 6-7 meters per lap. therefore it would be around 430 meters.

What is the distance around a standard high school track on the outside lane?

400 meters

If one lap around a running track is equivalent to a quarter mile then what is the distance in miles of one lap around the track in lane 7?

.270 of a mile.

What is the inside lane of the track called?

The inside lane is called lane one.

What is the distance in lane 3 in a running track?

given that the width of the lanes are 1.25 Meters the length around the 3rd land will be roughly 415.3 Meters or the equivalent to about 7.67 Meters per lane more as you move to the outside of the track. i.e. Lane 4 would be around 422.97

If you run all eight lanes on an 8 lane track how far have you run?

If you begin in lane one, then lane 2 etc. through lane 8, this is a convenient way to keep track of how many laps you've done.If the width of the lanes is 1.27 m (50 inches), and you run around the track once in each lane you will have run:400 (Lane One) +408.99 (Lane Two) +415.959 (Lane Three)+423.939 (Lane Four) +431.918 (Lane Five) +439.898 (Lane Six) +447.878 (Lane Seven) +455.857 (Lane Eight) =3424.439 (Total Meters Run).Suggestion: switch lanes at a consistant position on a straight section of track.

What is the distance around an official Olympics running track?

The Olympics uses a track of 400 meters in length, as measured in lane 1.

Which lane on the track measures 400m?

All lanes on the track measures 400m because it goes completely around with no odd angles.

400 meters field track photo and rules?

Basically, the 400 meter dash is one race around the track. Everyone is assigned a lane at the starting line, and after the pistol goes off, they must stay in their lane and run all the way around the track approximetely once.