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A whole team cannot get sacked, but a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage can. The Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, was sacked a total of zero times in the 2010 Super Bowl.

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Q: How many times did the colts get sacked in 2010 Super Bowl?
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What qb sacked the least in 2010?

In the NFL, both Eli Manning of the Giants and Peyton Manning of the Colts were sacked 16 times, the fewest of any starting QB for the 2010 season.

Is the Indianapolis Colts out of the Super Bowl in 2010?


Did the colts win the Super Bowl?

The colts did not win the February 2010 Superbowl.

What are the teams that are playing for the Super Bowl of 2010?

Colts and saints!

What teams are in this Super Bowl?

the saints and the colts are in the super bowl of 2010

What teams are playing 2010 Super Bowl?

The Colts and the Saints. least.. not the colts!

Who lost the 2010 Super Bowl?

The Indianapolis Colts

Who have the colts lost to in the Super Bowl?

In 2010 the Saints.

Who is one of the teams in the Super Bowl 2010?

the colts.

Will the cowboys win the 2010 Super Bowl?

No. the Colts will.

Who will go to super-bowl in 2010?

The 2010 Super Bowl was Saints vs. Colts. The Saints won.

How did the colts lose to the saints in the 2010 Super Bowl?

yes Saints 31 - Colts 17